Paul's Prayer

Ephesians 1:15-23

Good News Translation (GNT)

"to give you the Spirit..."

15 For this reason,
   ever since I heard of your faith
   in the Lord Jesus
   and your love for all
   of God's people,
16 I have not stopped
   giving thanks to God for you.
   I remember you in my prayers
17 and ask the God
   of our Lord Jesus Christ,
   the glorious Father,
   to give you the Spirit,
   who will make you wise
   and reveal God to you,
   so that you will know him.
18 I ask that your minds
   may be opened to see his light,
   so that you will know
   what is the hope
   to which he has called you,
   how rich are the
   wonderful blessings
   he promises his people,
19 and how very great
   is his power at work
   in us who believe.
   This power working in us
   is the same as the mighty strength
20 which he used when
   he raised Christ from death
   and seated him at his right side
   in the heavenly world.
21 Christ rules there
   above all heavenly rulers,
   authorities, powers, and lords;
   he has a title superior
   to all titles of authority
   in this world and in the next.
22 God put all things
   under Christ's feet
   and gave him to the church
   as supreme Lord
   over all things.
23 The church is Christ's body,
   the completion of him
   who himself completes
   all things everywhere.(a)

   Ephesians 1:23
   who himself completes
   all things everywhere;
   who is himself completely
   filled with God's fullness.

Taken from 'The Applied New Testament Commentary' (Kingsway)

Thanksgiving and Prayer

Ephesians 1:15-23

Even though Paul has written
this letter to the Ephesians,
almost two thousand years ago,
it is also written for us today.

If Paul were alive today,
would he be able to
give thanks for our faith and love?

Paul prays that we,
and the Ephesians,
might be given the
Spirit of wisdom
and revelation,
so that we might
know God better.

Paul further prays that
through this wisdom,
we might know three things:
the hope to which God has called us;
the riches of his glorious
inheritance and
his incomparably great power.

We hope to be free of sin;
we hope to be children of God;
we hope to be holy
and to remain in Christ.
We have been called to all
of these things,
and thus we can place
our hope in them.

We have already received
the deposit of this inheritance -
that is, the Holy Spirit.

The remainder of our inheritance
is waiting for us in heaven,
where we will be living
forever with God and Jesus.

During our Christian lives,
we are sustained by God's
incomparably great power -
his mighty strength.
By that power God raised
Jesus from the dead
and he (Jesus) reigns
in heaven over
all rule and authority,
power and dominion.

He reigns over Satan,
and all his spirits
and demons.
He reigns over evil
and over death.

God's power can bring
a dead person to life.

And that same power
that raised Jesus is
available to us who believe.
That power is available
to us day by day
through the Holy Spirit;
let us not fail to ask for it.

All things have been placed
under the feet of Jesus -
that is, under His authority.
When we feel overwhelmed by sin,
by weakness,
by fear and anxiety,
let us remember that
all these things have
already been put under his authority.

Paul says here that Jesus
is the head over everything
in the church.
The church is His body.
and we believers
are members of His body.

The church is
the fullness of Jesus.
But it is not the church
that does the "filling";
it is he who fills
everything in every way.

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