A Song of Praise

Psalm 95:1-7

Good News Translation (GNT)

"Let us sing for joy"

1 Come, let us praise the Lord!
  Let us sing for joy to God,
  who protects us!
2 Let us come before him
  with thanksgiving and
  sing joyful songs of praise.
3 For the Lord
  is a mighty God,
  a mighty king over all the gods.
4 He rules over the whole earth,
  from the deepest caves
  to the highest hills.
5 He rules over the sea,
  which he made;
  the land also,
  which he himself formed.
6 Come, let us bow down
  and worship him;
  let us kneel before the Lord,
  our Maker!
7 He is our God;
  we are the people
  he cares for,
  the flock
  for which he provides.

Taken from the 'word-on-the-web'
 supplied by Scripture Union

Call to praise

There is a saying,
from the early vending machines,
that when an idea
or connection
falls into place,
'the penny drops'.
In this psalm,
some connections
become an avalanche of praise.

The psalmist begins
with a call to praise God,
backed up by lots of
good reasons for doing so!

We don't just praise God
because we are told to -
we praise him because
of who he is
and what he has done.
Re-read verses 1-5
and see how many reasons
you can find for praising him.

Because he is king over all,
and fashioned
the world by the power of his word,
he deserves
the best we can offer
of our creative gifts
('music and song', v 2),
offered up in heartfelt celebration.

There is no doubting here
that God is on our side -
not in the sense that
he sanctions all we do,
but in the sense
that he is ready to fight for us.

The truly amazing thing is
that this God comes to us
as one who cares,
not commands.
He guards us
and provides for us,
as a shepherd
cares for his flock.

This is a God like no other,
who lays aside his majesty
and power and makes himself
known to us in
tenderness and love.

This is a God
who does not call us servants,
but friends,
and lays his life down
for us
so that we might have life
in all its fullness.

This care is so awesome
that it invites us to lay down
all our claims to power,
and give our lives up
to one another,
and to him in
love and service.

It is when we lose sight
of who our God really is -
both in his splendour
and in his nearness to us -
that we are in danger
of thinking
it doesn't really matter
if we don't obey him.

Ask God, today,
for a sense of wonder
that, in all the vastness
of the universe
and of eternity,
he has made us able
to perceive his presence
and to respond to him
with our worship,
obedience and love.

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