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Jesus Is Rejected at Nazareth

Mark 6:1-13

Good News Translation (GNT)


  1  Jesus left that place and went back to his
   hometown, followed by his disciples.
  2  On the Sabbath he began to teach in the
   synagogue. Many people were there; and
   when they heard him, they were all amazed.
   "Where did he get all this?" they asked.
   "What wisdom is this that has been given him?
   How does he perform miracles?
  3  Isn't he the carpenter, the son of Mary, and
   the brother of James, Joseph, Judas, and
   Simon? Aren't his sisters living here?"
   And so they rejected him.
  4  Jesus said to them, "Prophets are respected
   everywhere except in their own hometown
   and by their relatives and their family."
  5  He was not able to perform any miracles there,
   except that he placed his hands on a few sick
   people and healed them.
  6  He was greatly surprised, because the people
   did not have faith.

   Jesus Sends Out the Twelve Disciples
   Then Jesus went to the villages around there,
   teaching the people.
  7  He called the twelve disciples together and
   sent them out two by two. He gave them
   authority over the evil spirits
  8  and ordered them, "Don't take anything with
   you on the trip except a walking stick - no
   bread, no beggar's bag, no money in your
  9  Wear sandals, but don't carry an extra shirt."
10  He also told them, "Wherever you are
   welcomed, stay in the same house until you
   leave that place.
11  If you come to a town where people do not
   welcome you or will not listen to you, leave it
   and shake the dust off your feet. That will be
   a warning to them!"
12  So they went out and preached that people
   should turn away from their sins.
13  They drove out many demons, and rubbed
   olive oil on many sick people and healed them.


Commentary taken from
'The Applied New Testament Commentary'

A Prophet Without honour

     Mark Chapter 6:1-13

Jesus then went to his home town, Nazareth, and its neighbouring villages.

At first the people of Nazareth were amazed at Jesus' teaching. He taught with authority. They were amazed at His wisdom and at His miracles.

Then the people realised that Jesus was from their own village. They remembered Him as a boy. He was one of them. And they became jealous and angry.

This kind of rejection is a very common thing. If someone from our own village becomes famous and then comes back and begins to teach us, we don't like it.

Jesus has all power. Nevertheless, He will not do any great work among people who do not believe. In the same way, Jesus will not work in the heart of one who does not believe.

Jesus Sends Out the Twelve
Mark here describes the first time that Jesus sent the twelve disciples out on their own. They learned that even when Jesus was not with them, they had His authority and power over evil spirits and every kind of sickness.

They also learned that God would provide all their needs. Bread is the main food of the Middle Eastern countries. In this context, it means any kind of food. Those whom they preached to and healed should give them their food and lodging.

The disciples were allowed to take a staff and sandals. Jesus' meaning was that the disciples should take only what was necessary. They were to depend on God for everything else.

When the disciples entered a town, they first were to find upright and Godfearing who would accept their message and give them hospitality. When they found such a person, they were to stay at his home until they left that town. They were to bring the peace of God into that home.

Any home or town that did not accept the disciples' message was "unworthy" or "undeserving." The disciples were to shake the dust of such a home or town off their feet. This was a sign of judgment against that unworthy place (Acts 13:51).

Today also, when we travel from place to place preaching God's word, the same is true for us as it was for those first disciples. Those who reject our word reject Jesus. They lose the opportunity to be saved.

The disciples preached that people should repent. And they healed the sick and drove out demons. Anointing the sick with oil was a custom in Jesus' time. It was considered to be a type of medical treatment.

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