A brief guide to our Church and village...(Kislingbury)


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In 1326 The crown confiscated Warine de Lisles Manors, therefore
Kislingbury became the property of the crown but after the murder
of Edward II the manor was restored to Warine's son Gerard.
The manor then passed through families of Beauchamp to the
Nevilles and Danvers.
These were the last of the old mediaeval noblemen to control
the parish.

Picture of the Church

1348 - 1349 The Black Death struck the village approximately
one third of the population perished.
The ironstone parish church built.
The founder probably Gerald de Lisle during the reign of Edward III.

1360 Alexander, son of Robert the Chaplain of Kislingbury,
took sanctuary in the church and confessed that he had killed
Alexander Osebern of Harpole.

1894 "The Vestry Meeting", by which parochial matters and
administration were discussed and settled,
was abolished and elected parish councils formed.

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