31st August 2023

Mike Mobley says



Make No Mistake, People Are Watching

Not too long ago I was talking with someone who recently became a believer.

He made the decision to trust Jesus as his Saviour and to be "all in."
What an absolutely amazing experience to just be part of the conversation. What I didn't realise was going to happen was that I was going to find myself as part of his journey.

There was a comment he made in the conversation that was probably insignificant to him, but was very significant to me and should be to all followers of Jesus as a reminder.

Long story short, he mentioned that there was a moment where Christianity seemed to be attractive to him through a conversation we had, so he made a decision right then and there - to watch me.
He decided that he was going to watch me, my life, and how I interacted with others.

I don't think he's alone in this.
In fact, I think there are more people out there who don't yet believe in Jesus who are watching His Church. They may not attend the Church you go to and you may not hang out with them all the time, but make no mistake...people are watching.

Think about what you did before you became a believer.
Were you ever sceptical of a Church that you were visiting?
Did you ever question those "Christians" that were around you to see if they were legit in what they believed?

I don't know your story, but I believe there was a point in your life where something about Jesus was attractive to you and from that point on, you started watching.
We need to share the Gospel with others. That's a fact.
People can't just watch a believer and understand their own sin and their need for a Saviour. They can't understand who Jesus is and what He did for them if they only observe a Christian.

"How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in Him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching?"

However, as we share the Gospel, it's important to actually live out what we're proclaiming. There's nothing worse than someone who claims to be a follower of Christ, and lives in a way where you would never know such a claim.
Not only is it not loving towards others, but it puts a bad taste of Christianity or the Church in someone's mouth. If people are watching and that's what they're seeing, chances are "Christians," "Jesus Followers," and/or the "Church" are no longer of interest to them.

Your story is extremely effective.
It's unique and everyone's experience of how they came into a relationship with Christ is different.

We're all messed up people. That's pretty evident if you just look around in our world and see how we treat one another. However, since we all fall short, there's a great opportunity with this.

Authenticity is attractive. As people watch you make mistakes and see that even a follower of Christ is "normal" in their opinion, that's a good thing.
It destroys the rumour that Christians have it all together and are perfect.
The more people can see us make mistakes, ask forgiveness, and repent of our ways...the better.

Don't be discouraged when you fall short in front of others, but rather see it as an opportunity to show them your need for Jesus whether you just became a follower of Jesus, or have been one for over 50 years.
Believer, someone is watching you.
The way you live out your life, the words you speak, what you do when you think no one sees you, they all matter.
I'd like to encourage you (and I need it myself every day too) to think through the opportunities you have with people around you to share the Gospel with, and to show the love of Christ to.

There's no doubt that people are watching all of us and instead of us being nervous about our performance, let's embrace them and show them the grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Question: Have you ever noticed someone watching your life to see how you live as a follower of Christ?

Bible references avaiable, on request

Mike Mobley
Follower of Christ, Husband to Joelle, Daddy to Peyton & Matthew,
Administration Director at 121 Community Church, SAG-AFTRA Actor, Founder of Before The Cross, and Owner of MMWCS.

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