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The Power Of Prayer:
What Is It And Why It Works

In Mark 11:2, Jesus tells His followers:

"So I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours."

Today, thousands of people see miracles in their lives by tapping into this power in prayer. And this power of God is available to you.

Let's look at what this power is, why it works, and how to tap into it.
There are many times we feel powerless in our lives, especially in the face of difficult circumstances. By ourselves, we can do nothing.

The scriptures confirm this.
We recognise the need for God's power.

Moses prayed before Yahweh. Jesus prayed to the Father for miracles. The early Christians prayed together in the Upper Room.

Prayer works because God wants our complete dependence on Him.
He wants us to recognise that without Him, we can't transcend our limitations.

God is the source of our fulfillment.
He is and wants us to make Him the answer to our longings. Prayer draws us into a deep relationship with God.

Prayer changes us first.
In our busy lives, too often, we don't pray enough.
Or we pray for our most pressing needs and treat God as a genie.

Deep, intimate prayer draws us close to the heart of God.
It helps us become more like Him. Prayer lets us hear the Father's voice and direction.
It inspires us and gives us answers.
It reveals our flaws and perfects us.
It is an avenue by which we can repent and be forgiven for our sins.

Jesus says:

"If two of you agree on Earth about anything you ask, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven."

He even gives the template of the "Our Father," or "The Lord's Prayer," to show us how we must pray.

Hannah's powerful prayer in 1 Samuel is a good example of how this power works.
Hannah was married to Elkanah, who loved her deeply. However, Hannah was barren.
In her story, her deep longing for a child drove her to despair. She cried out to God in prayer to bless her, and He did.
The birth of the prophet Samuel made Hannah sing a beautiful song of praise in response to the answered prayer.

Her story demonstrates the Lord God's omnipotence and how He does hear us when we pray - and He loves us.

God hears our prayer requests, and God answers them, too.
He is a holy God and wants us to strive to be like Him.
God asks us to abide in Him through our Bible and prayer life, and we can ask Him for anything that is good.
If we don't abide by God's word and follow His precepts, then we are powerless.

While God will always answer our prayers, He may not answer them in a way we expect or think is best.
But we must trust the Lord God's will, for He truly knows what is best for us.

We should spend time trusting and understanding God's plan for us.
When we do, we can be sure God listens to us.

Bible references avaiable, on request

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