3rd September 2023

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Uplifting Lessons from Hannah's Life and Prayer

Hannah is a woman in the Bible who dealt with a lot of adversity in her life, yet she was steadfast in seeking out the Lord.

Hannah's story, is about how she was one of two wives to Elkanah.
Hannah was barren, taunted by her foe, and was angry with God.

But despite Hannah's challenges, she was determined to surrender and submit her cares before the Lord.
She prayed through her pain and resolved to continue to trust God.

Like Hannah, we also face difficult challenges and difficult seasons in life, but being diligent in seeking God in prayer will guide, uplift, and encourage us to move forward in faith. Our circumstances may not always yield our desired outcome, but God wants us to continuously pray to Him with courage, boldness, and expectation.

Hannah was angry with God and wept before the Lord.
Despite the difficult circumstances she faced, Hannah persistently prayed to God.
Her prayers were not just a one-time event, but she prayed with an intensity and focus."

God calls for us to persistently pray for strength, wisdom and petition our requests with consistency, confidence, and steadfastness. When things are not going to plan or the outcome is not what we would like, it is easy to stop praying. Praying to God persistently deepens our relationship with Him and is an act of worship and surrender. When we pray, we acknowledge that we are not in control and are welcoming God's sovereignty.

When Hannah prayed, she did not hold back. She poured all her emotions before the Lord. Although God already knew Hannah's plight, she surrendered every raw emotion she was feeling.

As we continue to grow in our relationship with God and spiritual maturity, God does not want us to sugarcoat where we are.
At times, we may believe that God cannot handle the weight of our situation. However, in our greatest seasons of strife or despair, God desires for us to draw close to Him. God can handle every weight, burden, uncertainty, or fear we have.

As Hannah prays to God, she gives Him thanks and remembers His faithfulness.
During trying times, remembering God's faithfulness will strengthen, encourage, and remind us that He has not abandoned us.

After God granted Hannah the blessing of her son Samuel, she continued to give God praise.

Similarly to Hannah, our unwavering commitment to pursuing God in prayer and thanking Him for continued blessings keeps us be connected and encouraged that God has not forgotten about us.
Hannah was taunted initially for being barren by Elkanah's second wife Peninnah for many years. While Hannah wept and was distraught by this ongoing ridicule, she did not stop praying and seeking the Lord.

When we face difficult seasons or relationships that seem unbearable or hopeless, let us be encouraged by Hannah's commitment to trusting God.
Speak life and victory over our circumstances, spirit, and future. When we are distracted by opposition, negativity, or self -doubt that will come, we can resolve to seek God's word for renewed hope and walk in the victory that is in Christ Jesus.

Walking in victory does not mean that our challenges will instantaneously disappear, but it does mean that we have decided to not have them consume us.
Begin to walk in victory each day and let God guide you through seasons of opposition and strife.
Hannah faced challenging circumstances, felt discouraged and angry with God.
Despite her challenges, feelings of rejection and abandonment, she did not stop praying.
She prayed when she was unsure if she would ever have children, and she prayed when God blessed her with a son.

If you are in a season of ongoing adversity, challenges, or opposition, I invite you to be encouraged by Hannah's story and her resilience in seeking God.
Continue to be persistent in prayer, surrender all your emotions to God, remember God's faithfulness, and speak victory despite opposition.

Bible references avaiable, on request

Kirstyn Mayden
is a Christian blogger who writes devotionals that empower and equip believers in their everyday lives.
She is a wife, Mum, and loves Jesus. She has a Master of Divinity degree from Emory University in Atlanta, GA.
For the last 20 years, Kirstyn has served in several ministry capacities. She has a passion to serve with women empowering them to grow and live out their God-given purpose. Currently, she serves alongside her husband in ministry in West Virginia.
She is the author of Merciful Moments: A Devotional Journal for Moving Forward with Grace Each Day.

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