6th September 2023

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Unshakable Hope:
Building Our Lives on the Promises of God

In August of 2018, Max Lucado published his fortieth book.
He titled the book Unshakable Hope: Building Our Lives on the Promises of God.

Max, senior pastor at Oak Hills Church (San Antonio, TX), notes that one common denominator united the heroes of the Bible.
They all built their lives on the promises of God.

Most noteworthy, all God's promises are binding; for God's not only a promise maker, He's a promise keeper.
In addition, God's promises are irrevocable because of who He is.

Thus, People of the Promise determine to ponder, proclaim, and pray God's promises.
And they filter life through them. Also, God made us to know Him and make Him known.

Put another way, God created us to live a life that says, "Look at God!"

Therefore, when people look at us they should see the image of our Maker, not us.
As a result, we must take the devil seriously.
Otherwise, we play into the devil's hand and he's free to work his evil.

So, we fight Satan with the weapons of prayer, worship, and Scripture.
Furthermore, we possess a clear choice: God's promise or our circumstances.

Like Joshua, we must choose to take God at His word.
Because God provides what we need to face life's challenges. God listens when you speak and heaven takes note when you pray.

Plus, your earnest prayers matter to God because you're His child - and you matter to God.

Pastor Lucado adds, "Prayer is not the last resort; it is the first step.

Moreover, since Jesus, our high priest, understands our weaknesses, we find mercy and grace when we need it. We can take our fears to Jesus. After all, He came from heaven to earth to reach us.

Consequently, Jesus is uniquely positioned to carry you home.
So, let Him do what He came to do.

Unshakable hope represents the first offspring of Jesus' promise to pray for you and stand up for you. For God is a God of rest, not a God of burdens.

Therefore, take comfort that you're everything to God. You've never lived one unloved day. While sorrow may occupy the night, it cannot have your life. Your standard is Jesus, not the rest of the world.

In conclusion, Max stresses, the Holy Spirit is central to the life of the Christian.
The Holy Spirit promises to give us power, unity, supervision, holiness: P-U-S-H.
(or Pray until something happens)

Yet, it's possible to have the Spirit, but not let the Spirit have us.
Fruit only happens as a result of relationship with God.
Your soul needs an anchor, a hooking point sturdier than your storm.
People of the Promise decide daily to secure their anchors in God.

Pastor Lucado exhorts:
"Build your life on the promises of God.
Since his promises are unbreakable, your hope will be unshakable.
The winds will still blow. The rain will still fall.

But in the end you will be standing - standing on the promises of God."

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