8th October 2023

'Carl Brettle
(Neighbourhood Prayer Network)' asks



"Are You The Captain Of Your Ship?"

Navigating the storms of life often prompts us to ask: Are we the captains of our own ships, able to steer through tumultuous waters, or are we mere passengers at the mercy of every gust and wave?

What does 2 Corinthians 12:9 mean?

9 But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness."

Few lies are as attractive, and poisonous, as the claim that following God is a means to worldly success.

The Bible is unequivocal in teaching that earthly life can involve hardship, even for those who are faithful.
Jesus' explicit teaching was that Christians should expect hardships, a warning He gave specifically to prevent discouragement in the face of hard times.

Liars who teach that wealth, healing, prosperity, or other benefits are waiting for anyone with "enough" faith are not merely unspiritual - they are unbiblical.

Paul's experience here is among Scripture's most potent proofs that "word of faith" and other forms of the prosperity gospel are false.

Prior verses included Paul's extraordinary heavenly experience.
This moment provided him with insights he was not allowed to reveal to others.
To prevent Paul from being conceited about this knowledge, God sent Paul an unspecified "thorn in the flesh," or a "stake in the flesh."

Scripture doesn't explain whether this was something physical, emotional, or connected to some temptation.
All it tells us is that a man of profound faith and deep commitment was stricken, causing him to cry out to God repeatedly for relief

Somehow, Paul came to understand God's answer to his request was a clear and permanent "no."

As prior verses indicated, Paul realised the purpose of the malady was to maintain humility.
This persistent "weakness" in Paul's life helped keep him from becoming conceited.

Instead, God proclaimed that His grace was fully capable of providing everything Paul needed to endure this suffering.

God told Paul that His power is made perfect in weakness.
The Greek word for "sufficient" here is arkei, which implies endurance, strength, or satisfaction.
Paul has written that he would only boast in his weaknesses, and now he adds enthusiasm.

He will boast gladly about his weaknesses, including this thorn in the flesh.

Why would someone like Paul celebrate being forever saddled with some painful struggle?
Because Jesus' power becomes most obvious in those areas where believers are weakest.

The word translated as "perfected" here is 'teleitai', which mostly refers to completion or accomplishment.
The focus is on something being achieved, not having flaws removed.

This is the same root word used by Christ when declaring "it is finished" from the cross.

This reveals several truths about how God works in the worldly lives of Christians.
First, God is willing to make use of Satan and his demons to accomplish His own purposes.

Their attempts to harass God's work and servants can become part of God's strategy to accomplish His exact goals.

Second, God's answers to prayer are always subject to His overall will.
He may answer "no" to a request to relieve a believer's burden, whether or not that burden comes from a demonic source.

If the suffering is helping a Christian to be more dependent on God,
it may be accomplishing in us exactly what He wants.

Third, it shows us that God's primary concern for His children is not a mortal life of ease and leisure.
His first goal is that we trust Him.

That means allowing Jesus to be strong in places we are weak, and not to resent Him for allowing us to experience that weakness.

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