1th October 2023

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Drawing Upon God's Strength
From the book - by Joyce Meyer"

Say aloud to yourself,
"I was bought and cleansed from sin with a price; purchased with a preciousness; paid for and made God's own."
You are delivered from sin and all the "death" it brings with it.

An important secret to being successful in any task that is set before you is to draw on God's strength.

Your strength will run out eventually, but God's strength never will.

Many times in my life I have been in situations not knowing what to do, but God always helped me and brought me through to a place of victory.

Each time He met me with His strength that I desperately needed in order to be successful.
You can expect God to do the same thing for you no matter what challenges you are facing right now. God is your strength!

Paul assures us that God will pour strength into our lives as we live in close relationship with Him.

And the prophet Isaiah says that those who have learned the secret of waiting on the Lord

"shall mount up with wings as eagles".

These scriptures, and others like them, show us that we are strengthened as we go to God for what we are lacking.

God has promised to never leave us or forsake us.
He is with us each step of our journey and He gives us the strength we need when we need it.

Prayer Starter:
Father God, I know You want to do more than just give me strength -
You want to be my strength.
Thank You for that strength,

Carl Brettle offers

(Copyright by Carl Brettle.)

In the face of life's many challenges, determination often proves invaluable.
The Apostle Paul encapsulates this sentiment in Philippians 4:13 (NIV):

"I can do all this through him who gives me strength."

What a brilliant promise.

This verse isn't a magic formula guaranteeing success in all endeavours
but a profound acknowledgement that our source of determination and strength lies in our relationship with God.

It's the assurance that, regardless of how daunting the circumstance may be, we have an unwavering power source in our Heavenly Father.

The trials we face, financial difficulties, health issues, or emotional struggles, become opportunities for our faith to be demonstrated and deepened.

By leaning into our faith, we can navigate life's complexities with a resolve that is not our own but granted by God.
This God-given determination enables us to endure and triumph fully, reflecting God's incredible glory in every facet of our lives.

When you face problems, draw on God's strength and determination.

Lord, help my resolve to face the circumstances of life.

Action Point
If you search for 'God's promises' on the internet,
you'll find a collection of encouraging scriptures to help build your faith.

Bible references avaiable, on request

Joyce Meyer Ministries
is a Christian-based non-profit organization that's financially supported by contributions from friends and partners of the ministry.
Through the teachings and calling God has given to Joyce, Joyce Meyer Ministries is dedicated to sharing God's love and the life-changing message of the Bible with the world through TV, radio, various media productions, live conferences and this website.

Carl Brettle
I was born in the South Wales town of Neath, into a close-knit family.
My grandparents were Christians, introducing me to Church when I stayed with them most weekends, to take the pressure off the family home.
In 2008 I was asked to join United Christian Broadcasters as their Prayer Mobiliser.
A new challenge began, I moved to the midlands of the UK, and began to organise Prayer for and from the UK's largest Christian Media Ministry.

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