25th December 2023

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Pick one:
A king, an inventor, or a preacher?

Which do you think would leave the greatest mark on history?

From a purely historical perspective, the most influential man in all of history was actually a traveling preacher.
And his name was Jesus.

Consider this incredible quote from H.G. Wells,
I am an historian, I am not a believer, but I must confess as a historian that this penniless preacher from Nazareth is irrevocably the very centre of history.
Jesus is easily the most dominant figure in all history.

Historians, philosophers, and world leaders have marvelled at the impact Jesus has had on the world.
Here are ways Jesus' legacy has changed the world for the better.

Throughout ancient history we see endless examples of women treated inhumanely.
All of a sudden, about 2,000 years ago, we see an incredible movement of women converting to Christianity.

What made the difference? Jesus.
Jesus treated women with dignity, respect, and a pure love that stood in stark contrast to society.
Perhaps the most striking example is that women were the first to witness Jesus after he rose from the dead.

Today in America, we think basic human rights are common sense.
The idea that all humans should be treated with dignity was extremely rare before Christianity stepped onto the scene.

While it is true that there were Christians who owned slaves in early America, it was Christians who championed freedom for slaves.
Caring for the poor and needy has been a strong part of Christianity's legacy since the beginning.
We often see Jesus healing the poor and the outcasts and in the early church they cared for orphans, widows, and the helpless.

Literacy in Ireland came as a result of St Patrick's ministry there.
Nearly all of the first universities in England and America were started by Christians.
We often take modern science for granted, but did you know it was developed by Christians?

For much of history people saw the world as spirits, demons, and small "g" gods influencing the forces of nature.
But Christians believe there is one God who made both the world and everything in it (including us).

Professor Rodney Stark does an excellent job showing the Christian roots of science, in his book, he says,
the Scientific Revolution of the sixteenth century was the ... result of [Christian scholarship] starting in the eleventh century... Why did real science develop in Europe ... and not anywhere else?
I find answers to those questions in unique features of Christian theology.

Even the physicist Paul Davies as a non-believer can see how the origin of science is rooted in Christian beliefs. He says,
All the early scientists such as Newton were religious in one way or another.
They saw their science as a means of uncovering traces of God's handiwork in the universe

So far we have looked at Jesus' influence through large scale movements and societal impact.
But perhaps the most poignant example of how Jesus has changed the world for the better comes through seeing personal testimonies.
It's one thing to see the facts, it's another to hear someone tell you how Jesus changed their life.

Churches are full of people who can tell you how Jesus changed their life.
Personally, I can tell you that when I first trusted in Jesus as my saviour, he completely changed me from the inside out.

If you do not believe in Jesus, I highly encourage you to start listening to people's stories.
Jesus has changed billions of lives and he can change yours too.

Jesus is not someone you can ignore.
He is without a doubt the most influential man in human history.

He wants to change you too.
Will you let him?

Allendale Baptist Church
As you can see in Scripture, loving God is very important to God.
We as a church are working very hard to love God with everything we have.
We aren't perfect at it, but connecting with our Creator is our highest priority.
Why? Because it was His highest priority to connect with us when He sent His only Son to seek and save those who were lost!


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