4th February 2024

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"Wisdom, and I"

Proverbs 8:12 I am Wisdom, and I have insight;
I have knowledge and sound judgment. GNV

Proverbs 8:12 "I wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions." KJV

All throughout chapter eight, Solomon contrasts Wisdom, personified as a safe woman, with the dangerous woman of chapter seven.

In chapter seven, the "strange woman" enticed the young man to go with her because her husband was not at home.
The "strange woman" wanted to isolate the young man from everyone because that would leave him vulnerable and without accountability.
Wisdom seeks to introduce the "sons of men" to other virtues because that brings them security and accountability.
While the "strange woman" wants you to all yourself, Wisdom wants to share you with other virtues.

Prudence dwells in the home of Wisdom.
Prudence never leaves that home. She doesn't take business trips.
When you go with Wisdom, you go to a home full of virtue.
When you choose Wisdom, you get Prudence.
Prudence is that virtue that helps you identify danger without painful experience.

It is that virtue that helps you identify trickery with binoculars.
Wisdom and Prudence are a dynamic duo.
Prudence is the faithful sidekick of Wisdom.
Wisdom doesn't go anywhere without her. Wisdom can't live without her.

Because everything "under the sun" is vanity or unsatisfying, the human heart is always looking for something to fulfill it.
For this reason, mankind invents new ideas, new products, new activities, new devices and new experiences.
This phenomenon is what Solomon was referring to when he said,

"Lo, this only have I found, that God hath made man upright; but they have sought out MANY INVENTIONS"

(Ecclesiastes 7:29).

The Bible refers to a number of inventions in the Old Testament and when it does, it highlights the dangers in them.
For example, Psalm 99 refers to Aaron's idolatrous golden calf as an invention.
These inventions aren't listed by name in Psalm 106 but Numbers 25 tells the story of these inventions.

These inventions were new ideas regarding romance and religion.
The Israelites committed fornication with Moabite women and then committed idolatry with their gods.

The internet is perhaps the best example of a "witty invention."
It can be used to share useful information with the right person, and it can also be used to share terrible information with the wrong person.
It can be used to connect people for good reasons (e.g. church live streaming) and it can be used to connect people for bad reasons (e.g. dating site scams).

With the aid of Prudence, Wisdom sees through the appealing exterior of inventions and discerns their intention.
It is Wisdom that gives us the insight necessary to know if a new idea is helpful or hurtful.

This statement in Proverbs 8:12 is intended to teach us that Wisdom and Prudence are never apart - they "dwell" together.
Prudence without Wisdom is caution with little to no action.
Wisdom without Prudence is knowledge with little to no caution.
Together, there is sound action based on knowledge and caution.
We need to know the intentions of inventions.

But because Wisdom is more than Prudence, she will see any good if it exists.
Because Wisdom is more than Prudence, she will see if and how an invention can be used for the glory of God.

She will see if and how an invention can be used for the good of others.
Prudence points out the potential danger in a new idea or product and Wisdom takes that knowledge and chooses the right action.

If you're without wisdom, you'll be without prudence.
When "witty inventions" are introduced into your life, you will be without the virtues necessary to know what to do with them.
If you're given to fear, you'll reject anything new under the assumption that all new ideas, suggestions and products are designed to hurt you.
If you're given to foolishness, you'll accept everything new under the assumption that all new ideas, suggestions and products are harmless.

Without prudence, you'll believe every good thing you hear.
Without wisdom, you won't know what to believe.

Wisdom is that virtue that consults with other virtues before it gives you the direction you should take when confronted with one of the many "witty inventions" of life.

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Pastor Kevin Kabel
Calvary Heights church
Having moved from Rochester to the Buffalo area as a young child, I had the privilege of growing up at Calvary Heights.
Midway through high school, I felt the call of God to give my life to Him as a full-time minister.
Upon graduating from high school, I earned an Associates Degree in Business Administration at a local college while completing a three-year correspondence program with a Bible Institute in Ohio.
The majority of my ministry training however, has come through a rare mentorship opportunity with my Pastor, Rev. Dale Nuijens.
This dear man of God invested much time and priceless wisdom in me, for which I am eternally grateful.

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