healing power
 of God

    Monday Reflection

  11th October 2021

...'started really well'...

"Lord my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me."

.....Psalm 30:2

I came across an amazing story I would like to share with you.

It is about a 'Hindu-Christian' lady with an incurable cancer who contacted
Revd. Mike Endicott, from The Order of Jacob's Well, Monmouth, asking for prayer.
Over the 'phone he told her he did not pray for healing but told her this story:-

"When the world started God built a garden in Eden and created us to live in it.
It must have been a lovely place, it was full of trees and shrubs and flowers
and food and happiness and trust and when God had finished building it all
he looked at it and proclaimed,
"This is very good!"

But what's also very interesting is to make a list of what was not there.
If what was there satisfied God, then we can assume that he did not want the
missing stuff around him in the garden.
What stuff?
Well, there was no cancer for a start! God didn't want it there.
If he'd thought illnesses were somehow 'good' then he could have given some
of them to Adam and Eve to improve their lives!
Well, he didn't, probably because it wouldn't.

If we now jump to the end of the Bible, we will see what's going to happen at
the end of time as we know it.
Jesus is going to come back. And when he does there will be no more sickness
and no more tears and God will wipe them all away.

Meanwhile I'm afraid we have to live in this mess.
The world started really well and will end really well but there is a trough of
bad stuff in between and that's what we live in today.
But God has already said that we don't have to wait till the end for a better life!

He sent Jesus.
Jesus spent much of his time here preaching the good news of God's kingdom
and healing the sick. In fact, he healed everyone who asked him for it.
He never said no,
he never said wait and he never said that he couldn't deal with sinners!
He never turned anyone away and then told us he was only doing what he saw
God in heaven doing. And the Bible says that God doesn't change!


So, whichever way we look at this, it must be God's will
to see healed everyone who comes to Jesus.
And we need the cross.
When he died on the cross, they dug a hole in his side
with a spear, a tunnel right through into heaven.
And out came a stream of blood and water. Spilt blood
of course means sacrifice, it means dying for us,
it means being slaughtered instead of us.

It accepts we are all guilty of turning away from the true God but our punishment
has all been heaped onto Jesus. He has died instead of us!
And the water?

It's called 'grace'.
It's heaven's intent to get us from the original fall through this trough to the end
of the Bible, to Jesus' return, to the total re-instating of the kingdom of God.
No more tears.
And please, don't go telling yourself you might not be worthy of this grace because
you don't understand all this or because you don't accept it.

Grace doesn't care.
If grace cared about our sin, then it would not be grace. Grace just flows.

The greatest thing God has done for us was when he organised the cross of Christ,
it is the one thing that allows forgiveness and healing, parts of the same movement
of grace to flow into our broken lives. '

He continued "The half-Hindu, half Christian lady sat quietly in her armchair at home
while I worshipped over the phone, giving thanks to God that now there is nothing that
can come between us and the love of God.

And what of the patient?
She underwent the operation as planned and all the possible and practical investigations
were carried out. Biopsies were taken, laboratories engaged.
But they found no troubling cancer in her, anywhere.'

I had only proclaimed the good news of the kingdom,
something any Christian is well capable of doing.
True to his saying so, Jesus had all the authority
needed to move the kingdom on, to extend the boundaries of Eden,
and he is there with us, till the end of the age."

We are called to pray and trust.

It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
"Jesus shall reign"
sung by Keith & Kristyn Getty
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