"Introducing the new Rector"

  26th March 2023

'Rev. Nic Edwards'



To all in the parishes of
Bugbrooke, Harpole,
Kislingbury and Rothersthorpe.

I am so looking forward to meeting everyone and getting to know you.
Should you like to know a little bit more about me, here's a short biography.

Growing up

I'm originally from the East Midlands.
Born in Stamford, Lincolnshire, I lived there (and just across the border into Rutland) until I left home for university at 18.

Following a long journey that began when I was about 5 years old, I became a Christian at the age of 17 through a youth group at St. George's Church, Stamford.

I continued attending the same church during my university years (I was travelling back home at weekends to run my mobile disco business).

I learned to read the Bible and was involved with music, youth and children's ministry.
I was encouraged by the Rector to consider working for a church after I completed my first degree.

After university I worked as a Ministry Apprentice at St. Mary's Church, Maidenhead for two years. It was there that I gained experience in many aspects of church life and ministry, as well as a future wife!

Becca, at that time, was training to be a veterinary surgeon in London, but had taken an intercalated year at Reading University to gain an additional degree and a fiancé!

After my PGCE (teacher training) year we were married.

Early married life

While Becca completed her veterinary medicine course and then an internship, I found my first teaching post at a primary school in Hertfordshire.

We got involved with a new church and had opportunities to serve by leading a youth group, music groups and helping run low key evangelistic events.

We were learning how to minister together and how to be married.
After three years in Herts, we moved to Towcester when Becca got her first practice-based job as a farm vet.

I moved schools and we settled into another benefice of (five) churches.
We lead children's work for a period, as well as Christianity Explored.

A call to ministry
in the Church of England

After a while, the then vicar and I ended up discussing ordained ministry and it was suggested I meet the Diocesan Director of Ordinands (DDO).

After a period of discernment, I found myself at theological college in Oxford.
While training our first daughter was born.


In 2020, we moved back to Northamptonshire (during a COVID lockdown) to our curacy church.

God has blessed us greatly with a supportive church and staff team, as well as the arrival of our twins!

And now we are on our way to you.

My prayer is that, as we listen to God's Word and worship Him, we would grow in faith and be shown how we can, together, bless our villages - demonstrating Christ's love in word and action.

Yours in Christ,


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