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Where do You Stand?

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Day 1 - Jesus (Joshua Luke-Smith)

Poet and producer Joshua shares about his love for Jesus -
God on Earth as man. The example for how we live and how
we interact with the world around us. We are walking, talking miracles,
that are fearfully and wonderfully made.
Jesus stopped and gave time to those who others would seem as unworthy.
Jesus didn't see anyone as unworthy of his time - so Joshua challenges us
to think about how we spend our time.

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Day 2 - Praise (Pippa Baker)

Pippa shares a spoken word about the difficulties and joys of praise.
Why would the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit need our praise?
What could we add to the maker of the universe?
Pippa explains the difference between need and love, that God doesn't
need us, but loves us and wants to be in a relationship with us -
this is enough reason for praise!


Day 3 - Thanks (Phoebe Parkin)

Methodist Youth President Phoebe Parkin shares her thankfulness for
the beauty of our world. Nature gives Phoebe an opportunity to grow
closer to God in the logic and order as well as the awe and complexities
of the world. We are not separate from God's creation, but a part of it.
How can you connect with nature to grow closer to God today?