'Eliminate the 'afters''

Saturday Reflection

29th August 2020

'making the most
of every opportunity'

15 'Be very careful, then, how you live -
    not as unwise but as wise,
16  making the most of every opportunity,'
    ... Ephesians 5:15,16a


Barely has the day started
and it's already
seven in the evening;
barely have we woken up
on Monday and it's Friday,
the month is half over
and the year is nearly gone.

Psalm 90:12 reminds us,

"Teach us to number our days that
  we may apply our hearts to wisdom."

Or as the Living Bible puts it,

"Teach us to number our days
  and recognize how few they are;
  help us to spend them as we should."

God's abundant generosity is never ending;
let us take what he is offering us
and do the most that we can with it,
for his glory.

God can do a lot with a little.
If you don't believe me,
just ask the boy with the five loaves and two fish
who gave everything he had to Jesus.
It didn't seem like a lot,
but Jesus used them to feed a hungry multitude.
Jesus can take a little,
bless it and multiply it.
He can use it beyond our wildest dreams.

Already 40, 50 or 60 or more years
of our lives have passed,
we realize that we lost our parents,
friends and we cannot turn back the clock.

So, let's enjoy the remaining time;
despite everything that is going on in the world.
Let's keep looking for activities
that will enhance our lives,
making time for friends and family.
Let's smile at the little things in life
that put happiness and calm in our hearts,
Let's take more time to read the Bible
and to pray
drawing us into a deeper relationship with God.

Let's try to eliminate the afters:

'I'm doing it after...'
'I'll say it after...'
'I'll think about it after...'

We leave everything for later
as though ??after?? is ours.
What we don't understand is that:

Afterwards, the coffee gets cold...
Afterwards, priorities change...
Afterwards, the charm is broken...
Afterwards, health passes...
Afterwards, children grow up...
Afterwards, parents get old...
Afterwards, promises are forgotten...
Afterwards, the day becomes the night...
Afterwards, life ends...

And then it's too late.

So, Let's grab the opportunities
God is putting our way today,
and in the days, months, years ahead.
Let's not leave things for later,
because we will still be waiting
to 'see you later'.

So let's seize the day;
seize the moment;
seize the opportunities before us.

Don't put it off too long,
because we may not have as much time
as we think.
Let's be productive with our life
and the time we have
and seize the opportunities God has given us.

The day is today. The moment is now.

We are no longer at the stage
where we can afford to postpone what
needs to be done right away.

Or shall we leave it for "later"?