'Promising prediction'

Monday Reflection

31st August 2020

'The one who believes in me will...'

Jesus said to her,

25 'I am the resurrection and the life.
   The one who believes in me will live,
   even though he dies.'
    ... John 11:25

Have you seen something advertised
that you thought was a great idea
and bought it only to be disappointed?

I know I have many times and I still don't seem to learn,
but I am trying! (Some say 'VERY'!)
Some days our post box is full
of catalogues and leaflets advertising
all sorts of enticing 'goodies';
it is very tempting.

We have all been the brunt of scams,
malicious schemes, false adverts,
media produced excitement,
lack lustre ideas.

For example,
'Drink this every day and see the pounds drop away.'
'Having problems sleeping?
One pill will guarantee a good night's sleep.'
Or possibly,
'Join our business to become successful and wealthy.'
Or even,
'Your Google or Windows account has been compromised.'

After a while it's easy to become cynical
towards everything and everyone.
However, there is one promise on which we can rely.
When Lazarus died, Jesus told Martha,
Lazarus' sister,

"Whoever believes in me will never die."

Here was her brother who was dead,
buried and already decomposing,
yet with what would appear to be boldness,
Jesus spoke these words.

Then he went on to ask Martha,>

"Do you believe this?"

She rather dodged a clear answer
by replying,

"I know that he will rise again
 in the resurrection on the last day."

We cannot blame Martha for her answer
because she probably didn't really understand
the exact meaning of Jesus' question.
Was he being facetious?

Definitely not!
He was giving Martha a solemn promise
which is applicable even to us.

We have all fallen short of the glory of God,
and we all deserve to die,
but Jesus gives us not only hope but assurance
for the future.
Some day we will all die physically
but nothing can negate this promise from God.
Through Jesus we have eternal life,
and while we are living here on earth,
we have abundant life in the spirit.
Nothing can take this away from us because
it was a contract sealed in Jesus' blood,
made through his sacrifice on the cross.

In Jesus we have life;

that is a promise that will never be broken.
Let us thank God,
be glad and pass on the good news.