'God is with us'

Sunday Reflection

6th September 2020

'see his glory'

'You hem me behind and before,
 and lay your hand upon me.
 Such knowledge is too wonderful for me;
 it is so high I cannot attain it.'
   .... Psalm 139: 5-6

Have you ever felt as though you are in a haze of confusion?
You are desperate for a closer relationship with God
but he doesn't seem to be there for you.

You are not sure whether what you are hearing is from God,
your own thoughts or, even worse,
from the enemy?
Are you afraid you will 'miss God'?
I know I have!

On the surface this fear of 'missing God' sounds virtuous,
but the enemy can use it to entrap us.
It changes the focus from God's ability to lead
to our ability to follow.

This makes our Christian walk fear driven
rather than love and faith based.
Our desire to follow God's leading
is perverted by fears of making the wrong move
which traps us into inaction.
We cannot follow God if we are immobilized.

Jesus does not try to trick us;

he would not tell us to follow
if it were not possible.

He will make his way known.
If we truly love God,
we cannot possibly miss him.
He's just far too big!

Where can we aim and not come into contact with him?
Where can we reach
and not touch something that
declares his existence?
Where can we look
and not see the fingerprints of his majesty?

Look down and see his glory in a flower.
Look up and discover his wonder in the stars.
The mountain heights
remind us he is our rock of refuge.
The oceans roar declares his awesome might.
The wind awakens our souls
to his unseen presence as it whispers,

'I am here.'

And if this knowledge doesn't inspire us,
there is even more good news.
We are surrounded,
there is no place or circumstance
where we are alone.

In Letters to Malcom,
C.S, Lewis highlights this truth;

'We may ignore,
but we can nowhere evade,
the presence of God.
The world is crowded with him.
He walks everywhere incognito.'

We can see him in the face of a young child,
the eyes of homeless,
the beauty of a sunrise
or the colours of a butterfly.
We cannot miss him if we open our eyes
to see the glory of God which is all around us.