Monday Reflection

7th September 2020

'distracted by many things'

'But the Lord answered her,

'Martha, Martha, you are worried
 and distracted by many things.'

   Luke 10:41

If someone interrupts me during a thought process,
I forget what I was going to say;
I admit I am easily distracted,
more so as I get older.
My mind is like a butterfly,
flitting from one thing to another.

In Luke's story of he two sisters,
Mary and Martha we find Mary
sitting quietly at Jesus' feet,
while Martha is dashing around,
distracted by all her work.

Martha gets a little scolding from Jesus,
but my hearts goes out to her.
I understand Martha,
I can identify with her.
She is trying to be a good hostess
by feeding and caring for her guests.
If we were all like Mary,
would anything get done?

We know, through the stories in the Gospels,
that Jesus had the power
to multiply fishes and loaves of bread,
so he could have provided for the needs of all.
But that was not the culture of the time,
guests to a house would automatically be fed,
no matter how poor the offering.

I think Martha is to be admired,
she was a willing worker
who did not sit back
and expect Jesus to take care of everything.
She was contributing
by using her God given abilities.

There is a fine line between
knowing when to sit back
and listen to God when to get up and work.
We need to clear our heads to stop and listen.
God knows us and loves us with all our faults.
He lovingly reminds us,

'You are worried and distracted by many things.

Focus on me,
and I will help you to accomplish much.'
God knows we are work in progress,
learning to focus, listen,
and obey by taking action.

It's easy to get distracted
by all the cares of this world,
the pandemic, the financial situation,
the impact of families with the return to school,
the crime rate and unrest.
There is only one thing that is really needed,
and that is a loving relationship
with Jesus because through him
that all things are possible;
God can display his power through us
as faith in action.
He will sort out our disturbed brains
to help us meditate,
work, care, love
and find peace amidst the chaos.

I would like to share with you
a meditation by Henry Drummond,
(1851-1897), Scottish evangelist.

'You will find when you look back on your life
that the moments that stand out,
the moments you have really lived,
are the moments when you have done things
in the spirit of love... The test of a man is not,
'How have I believed?' but,
'How have I loved?'
The test of religion,
the final test of religion,
is not religiousness,
but love.
Not what I have believed,
not what I have achieved,
but how I have discharged
the common charities of life.'

Lord, help us to live our lives in love,
for you and for one another.