'Little children'

Tuesday Reflection

8th September 2020

'heaven belongs to such as these'

Jesus said,

"Let the little children come to me,
  and do not hinder them,
  for the kingdom of heaven belongs
  to such as these."
   .... Matthew 19:14

A friend went to visit his daughter and family,
while he was there
his four year old grandson
said to his mother,
'I want to be alone.'
'Fine,' said his mother,
'you can go to our bedroom.'

'But I want to be alone,'
said her son again.
'Don't worry, we'll leave you alone,
we won't disturb you,
you can come down when you're ready.'
His mother replied.
'No, I want to be really alone.'
He persisted.

'What do you mean,'
asked his bemused mother,
'you will be alone.'
'No I won't,' came the reply,

'Jesus is always there.'

One wonders just what
he wanted to get up to
that he didn't want Jesus to see.

Children are adorable,
but they can be exhausting
and often cause embarrassment
as they speak out freely
and do things in public
without any hesitations.
Horrified parents watch with embarrassment
as their child points their finger
and comment in a loud voice
about some unfortunate person,
giggles at inappropriate moments,
throws a tantrum
in the middle of a supermarket,
tells a lie or blurts out
something we said in secrecy.

Young children have not yet learned
proper public behaviour;
they merely do what adults
do behind closed doors.

Jesus looks at us adults
in the same light as the little children.
We may have learned
to restrain ourselves in public,
but he sees us all the time;
even when we tell lies or hurtful truths,
God says,

'I love you.'

When he sees us point our finger
in condemnation, God says,

'I love you.'

When we squirm with anxiety
when we should just trust him,
God says,

'I love you.'

When he hears us asking
why we should obey him,
God says,

'I love you.'

Jesus said,

"Let the little children come to me,..."

He suffers our abuse of him daily,
and still he says,


We all behave rudely at times,
laugh when we shouldn't
and sin daily.
God still reaches out to us and says,

'I've heard your hurtful remarks,
seen your deceitful actions
and noticed your failure to obey my laws.
But I love you anyway,
just as you are.
Come to me
and be part of my kingdom of heaven.'

What an amazing, heavenly Father we have.