'The eyes
are the mirrors
of the soul

Friday Reflection

11th September 2020

'hindsight is a wonderful thing'

33 'Lord, we want our eyes opened!'
   .... Matthew 20:33

Helen Keller is quoted as saying
'As selfishness and complaint pervert the mind,
so love with its joy clears and sharpens the vision.'

A while ago a friend had cataracts removed from his eyes.
He was amazed that not only could he see clearly,
colours shining more brightly,
but he could see things
he had not seen for a long time.
Hidden vision had been restored.

We always said that
my mother had eyes in the back of her head
because she always knew what was going on,
even when her back was turned.

We say hindsight is a wonderful thing;
often hindsight is the only positive way to see.
How many times in our lives
have we had to make a decision
and we could not see far enough ahead
to know if we were making the right choice.
There have been times in my life
when it was only when I looked back,
I recognised God was with me
at the time I made an important choice.

When Jesus taught the crowds,
he told many stories (parables).

When his disciples asked him why he taught
in this way he told them
that it gave them the ability to see
and thus understand who he was.
It also allowed other people to see him,
and what he did,
because they didn't really see,
or understand, who he was.

Their eyes, and minds,
were closed to the possibility
that he was their Messiah,
so he used the parables
to overcome this
and give them proper vision.

Many times in their travels
Jesus and his disciples were approached
by blind people
asking to have their sight restored;
and in various ways,
Jesus touched them
and they were given 20/20 vision.

As Christians,
we are called to pray
for those whose eyes are still blind
to the fact that Jesus is the messiah.
We pray that the spiritual eyes of their hearts
will be enlightened so that they may know
the hope of God's calling
and that they will accept Jesus as their Messiah.

We all know those who have not yet accepted Jesus
as their Lord and Saviour;
from our family, workplace, neighbours.

Today, let's pray for them.
We may be the only person
who have ever prayed for their eyes to be opened.

Oswald Chambers (1874-1917)
the early-twentieth-century
Scottish Baptist and Holiness Movement evangelist
and teacher, wrote
'We have to pray with our eyes on God.'

Let's keep our vision sharpened
by focussing on him
and pray that we will be aware
of the needs of others around us.

We can be comforted by knowing that,
as we draw close to God,
his eyes are watching over us.

'But blessed are your eyes, because they see.'
   .... Matthew 13:16