'Oh, to see ourselves'

Wednesday Reflection

23rd September 2020

'only a little child'

"But I am only a little child
 and do not know how to carry out my duties. ...
 So give your servant a discerning heart
 to govern your people and to distinguish."
 The Lord was pleased that Solomon had asked for this.
   ....1 Kings 3: 7b, 9,10

If we were to see ourselves as we really are,
would we be surprised?
If we could see ourselves
as our Lord Jesus Christ knows us,
what would we see?
Would we be greatly shocked?
Or might we be in a similar position
to that of Solomon
when he was about to assume the throne of Israel,
aware of our weaknesses?

Solomon was very aware of his need for wisdom.
He probably had a fairly accurate sense
of his strengths and shortcomings,
but there surely were many details
of his character and personality
of which he was not aware which
would provide surprise
and delight if they were known.

I wonder, however,
how many of Solomon's subjects
knew about their king's sense of awe
and inadequacy concerning the job
of being king and his ability to perform it well.

I am sure he did not broadcast it about
and share it with all his subjects;
Solomon knew a lot of things about himself
which the people around him,
even his closest advisors, did not know.

This idea isn't exactly big news,
but maybe it can help us to see
the Bible from another view
and allow it to help us
to see ourselves more clearly.

Because Solomon is a lot like each of us.
The similarity lies in the fact
that we see ourselves differently
from the way others do.

We know ourselves fairly well --
at least in broad, general outline.
We are mostly aware of our strengths and weaknesses.
Others only see us as we appear to be;
what we have chosen to share with them.
Others may have an exaggerated sense of our ability.

Have you ever had a friend or colleague
try to talk you into doing a task
for which you felt totally inadequate?
And they've been surprised,
even refusing to believe your denial?

Knowing the difference between the way
we see ourselves and the way others
see us can help us recognise
that God sees us differently too.
So how does God view us?
Because of His Grace God says
'I see you as acceptable'.

We are all his precious children.
Titus sums it up like this;

"God saved us,
 not because we were good enough
 to be saved but because
 of His kindness and grace
 by washing away our sins.
 All because of what Jesus Christ
 our saviour did
 [not because of what we did
 but because of what Jesus did]
 so that He could
 declare us good in God's eyes."
   .... 3:5-7a (LB)

A popular Christian writer
has a friend with a charming 4 yr. old daughter.
One night a huge thunderstorm struck;
lightning, thunder, rain, the full works.
Girl's father went to her room
to check on her and found her
standing on the sill,
spread-eagle against the glass.
"What are you doing?" he asked.
She turned and happily replied,
"I think God is trying to take my picture."

Wouldn't it be great
if we could all feel that good about ourselves! . . . . .

I believe we could if we would just listen to God!