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Thursday Reflection

24th September 2020

'this article which cheered me'

Feeling a bit down and ineffectual one day
recently I came across this article
which cheered me,
so I thought I would pass it on,
although you may already know it.

It was suggested that if Jesus
had sent his twelve disciples for

psychological testing

this might well be the reply
he would have received:

Thank you for submitting the résumés
of the twelve men you have picked
for managerial positions
in your new organization.

All of them have taken our battery of tests.
We have run the results through our own computer.
After having arranged personality interviews,
for each of them, with our psychologist
and vocational aptitude consultant.
It is the opinion of our staff
that most of your nominees
are lacking in background,
education and vocational aptitude
for the enterprise.

They have no team concept.
Simon Peter is emotionally unstable
and given to fits of temper.
Andrew has no qualities for leadership.
The two brothers James and John
place personal interest
above company loyalty.
Thomas shows a sceptical attitude
that would tend to undermine morale.
Matthew has been blacklisted
by the Jerusalem Better Business Bureau.
James the son of Alphaeus,
and Thaddeus,
definitely have radical leanings,
and registered a high score
on the manic-depressive scale.
One of the candidates however, shows real potential.

He is a man of ability
and resourcefulness,
meets people well,
and has contacts in high places.
He is highly motivated, ambitious, and responsible.

We recommend Judas Iscariot

as your controller and right-hand man. (Anon)

That assessment of the Twelve Apostles
can give us hope because if they could go on
to accomplish great things for the Lord
then so also can we.
However unsuited we feel or we may be,
we are called by Jesus to be his witnesses.
None of us can say they are not suitable.
If Jesus could use the apostles
with their obvious weaknesses,
he can also use us.

Paul, who became the greatest
promoter of the faith,
wrote in his first letter
to the Corinthians;

"I am the least of the apostles...
 I hardly deserve the name apostle;
 but by God's grace that is what I am,
 and the grace he has given me
 will not be fruitless."
    .... (1 Cor.15:9-10)

Today Jesus calls us;

like Peter, we can lack faith;
like Andrew, we have much to learn;
like James and John,
we are selfish sometimes;
like Matthew, we have a past;
like Thomas, we doubt sometimes.

Basically, we are human!
Seeing that the apostles
of limited competence, did so much
for the Church, can give confidence to us.
If Jesus could use them,
he can certainly use us.
With the intercession of Jesus
at the right hand of the Father
and by time in prayer with the Lord
we too can grow from strength
to strength and accomplish
great things for God and his kingdom.

Will we allow God to use us
in his plan for the world?

Will we make a difference?