'When we
choose God'

Saturday Reflection

26th September 2020

'who can be against us?'

'What then shall we say to these things?
 If God is for us,
 who can be against us?'
   .... Romans 8:31

When we choose God -
when we choose to put our faith
and trust in him,
then all kinds of opportunities are open to us.

Things that seem impossible to others
become more than possible.
When we choose,
we are committing ourselves

not to just try,
but to act.

Saying we'll try
is another way to stay in the middle,
because we're not committing ourselves
one way or the other.

Will we choose and act
and be the people the living God
is calling us to?

Or will we stay in the middle of things,
just limping along?
The choice is ours to make.

Something to think about -
does God ever fail?
Can we set up tests for God
to prove he is there? No, I think not,
though some people try.
But if we are not careful,
we will begin to resemble
the magical prophets of Baal
more than followers of God!

The story of Elijah
and the prophets of Baal made me think
and question.

In Deuteronomy 6:16 it says

"Do not put the LORD your God
to the test as you did at Massah",

so why does Elijah test God
   .... (1 Kings 18:21)?
Then I realised; actually,
Elijah wasn't putting God to the test;
he already believed God
and had complete faith in him.

He just wanted God to reveal himself
to the unbelievers
and the prophets of Baal.
And God responded.

Yes, God does reveal Himself.

Few of us can believe blindly,

God knows that.

If we think about it for a moment,
most of us have had our own
"Mountain top experience."
That time when we knew beyond question
that God was God.
God is not at our beck and call
like some cosmic wish fulfiller.
But he is there -
and he is God!

And when we go back down into the valley
after our mountain top experience,
he is still with us.
Nicky Gumbel said,
'Mountain top experiences inspire us,
but it is the valleys that mature us.'

When we come to God in faith and repentance,
he is always ready to respond.
Repentance is more than a feeling,
it is a kind of confession -
coupled with an action.
I love the little girl's
definition of repentance,

'being sorry enough to stop.'

It's a change in direction,
and when we confess and act -
when we decide to go
in the way God calls us to go
and then act it,
then God takes care of the rest.

God prepares the road for us
and leads us to himself.
When we choose to repent
we allow God into our lives to take over;
to set our agenda and then follow it through.

As we walk toward God,
he walks towards us,
and gives to us the peace and the joy,
the strength,
the hope and the love we need
for grace-filled (graceful?)
living in this world.

God wants us to be
in a loving relationship with him,
a healing relationship with him.
A good relationship with him.
In fact, God wants that
so much that he gave himself
to us without qualification or reserve.

In Jesus, God came to live with us
and to establish peace between us.
His arms are open for us,
let us open ourselves to him today.