'Take responsibility'

Sunday Reflection

27th September 2020

'the children's teeth are set on edge'?

"What do you people mean by quoting
this proverb about the land of Israel:

'The fathers eat sour grapes,
 and the children's teeth
 are set on edge'?
   ...Ezekiel 18:2

The real riddle of this statement
is why the people would prefer their proverb,
and not God's offer of life.

There is an inability of some people
to take responsibility.
It's always someone else's fault,
and we are not to be held accountable.
They blame their actions on their parents,
their genetics,
the environment in which they were raised,
instances from their early childhood,
how many times have we said this one,
"because we are under so much stress".

Today, more than ever before,
there is an epidemic of irresponsibility.

This is a proverb that people
were familiar with in Bible times.

"The fathers eat sour grapes
and the children's teeth
are set on edge."

That means that the reason people were sinful
and didn't follow God's ways
in Old Testament times
wasn't their fault,
at least that's what they claimed.

They said that they weren't to blame
for not following the ways of the Lord,
their God and obeying all his commandments.
It was their parents' fault.

God was angry with this
and vowed to his people
that he would not stand for the
"blame game" they were playing.
So He said,
"Enough of this.
You will no longer say it is not your fault,
that you cannot give up
your evil and follow me.
From now on you will know,
the soul who sins is the one who will die."

If God acted the way we do,
he would have looked at the world,
when Adam and Eve disobeyed His one command,
and obliterated them.
We would have never come into being.

But, because of his love and grace,
God saved them,
as he saved all who turn to him,
by coming into our world
and sacrificing himself to ransom us.
He took responsibility when none of us could.

All credit, thanks, and praise
goes to God the Father
and the Lord Jesus Christ
that we stand here today living in this world.
God gave us the chance to live as his people.
None of us deserves his forgiveness,
but he offers it to all
who call upon the name of Jesus.

Our parents may have eaten sour grapes,
but that is no reason
why we grit our teeth at God's ways.
If we are not as close to God as we used to be
it is nobody's fault but our own.

But God desires that
we return to Him today and every day.
We are irresponsible
with the most important things,
and we need his mercy
and forgiveness more than ever.

Life with God is better,
far better,
than having everything we could ever desire
while living without Him.
Let us take the responsibility now;
come to God and cling to his mercy
tighter than anything.
He will not fail us.