'It's all about Jesus'

Thursday Reflection

1st October 2020

'whoever acknowledges the Son...'

23 No one who denies the Son
   has the Father;
   whoever acknowledges the Son
   has the Father also.

      .... 1 John 2:23 NIV

'A good man....Yes....perhaps
one of the best that ever lived -
but just a man' say many.
Others disagree,
claiming that he suffered
from delusions of grandeur -
'a messiah complex'.

And so the argument rages
of the true identity of this man
they call Jesus.
Suggestions have ranged
from 'a simple teacher' to
'egomaniac' and 'misguided fool'.

Whoever he was - all would agree
that Jesus left his mark on history.

I used to hear these arguments daily,
from the prisoners, at work.
Some are believers
(mostly young believers),
some of other faiths,
some seekers,
some agnostics or atheists.

Hearing these discussions,
even those with a strong Christian faith
can begin to doubt and wonder.
Is Jesus really God?
Did he really come to save sinners like us?
How can God really care about someone like me?

I think it is a good idea for us
to have our faith challenged sometimes.
It makes us question and,
by questioning our faith grows -
it is very easy to become complacent,
to come out with well rehearsed statements
without thinking of the ramifications.

John's first letter was written to dispel doubts
and to build assurance
by presenting a clear picture of Jesus.
Entering history,
Jesus was, and is, God in the flesh
and God in focus -
seen, heard and touched
by the author of this letter,
St John the apostle.

John walked and talked with Jesus,
heard him teach,
saw him heal, watched him die,
met him risen and saw him ascend.
John knew God in Jesus -
he had lived with him for three years
and saw him at work -
and John enjoyed fellowship
with the Father and the Son
all the days of his life.

In verse 23 he's saying
   'If you don't get Jesus right,
   everything else goes wrong.
   What you believe about Jesus matters.'

It's all about Jesus.
To walk the true Christian walk
we must always remember who we are
and what we have.

God rescued us;
he reached down in his everlasting love
and plucked us from the path of death
and gave us life.

God redeemed us;
he offered his Son's blood
so that anyone who chose,
might receive everlasting life.

God forgave us so that
we are no longer under
the condemnation of past sins.

God justified and reconciled us
so that we are now reunited
in complete harmony with God.

If we remember all that God has done for us
we can then walk the walk
of a committed Christian.

We have three truths in our lives.
¤ God loves us
¤ God wants us to love him, and
¤ God wants us to love others as he loves us.