'Finding strength
  in God'

Tuesday Reflection

6th October 2020

'that they may truly have life ...'

"The thief comes only to steal
  and kill and destroy;
  I have come that
  they may truly have life,
  and have it to the full.'

John 10:10

Have you ever watched a time travel film
where the main character
keeps going back in time
trying to fix things,
but they come back to the present,
they've made things worse?
That's what 2020 has felt like.

It seems as though
we've just come to terms with one crisis
when another interrupts our lives.
This unstable and confused world,
turned upside down by all these calamities,
catastrophes and Corona
is crying out for security,
stability, and certainty.

We've all been deeply touched
and changed by the difficulties of this year.
This could have included a broken relationship,
a time of battering anxiety,
illness, loss of a loved one,
financial hardships
or even a pattern of thoughts
that destroy our peace of mind.
Each person's battle is unique.

But our hearts have been created
to face and fight even against
the most difficult of situations.
We are not alone;
we have God on our side;
and we cannot ever lose sight
of that truth because
it holds the secret to our true identity.

When we forget who we are in God,
we are at risk of believing
the lies that come from the enemy -
lies like;

¤ What you do
   and what you achieve define you
¤ You must prove your worth
¤ You are responsible
    for everyone's happiness
¤ You will never recover from this.

To do all God has for us in this life,
we must know who we are.
And our uncertainty about our identity
is precisely why
the enemy's lies trip us up.

John reveals not only the enemy's
cunning scheme
but also God's ultimate plan
for us when we believe in him
and who he has made us to be;

"The thief comes only
 to steal and kill and destroy;
 I have come that
 they may truly have life,
 and have it to the full.'


The reality is,
we are all God's children;
that is our true identity,
and no lie of the enemy
has the power to steal that from us.
Because of this truth,
our calling is clear,
to know God
and our mission is to reflect him.

We are not called to be people pleasers
but God pleasers.
We are not called to give up
when times get tough
but to rely on God's will
and take strength from him.

A person who gets their strength
from God cannot be broken.

Battered, yes; but broken - No!
When we are believers,
the Holy Spirit lives in us.
We cannot keep walking around
feeling powerless,
as though life is happening to us
and we are victims.

The Spirit of God lives in us,
empowering us every single day
no matter what the world throws at us.

Being a person of God
isn't about what we can do on our own.
It's about standing strong
in who we are in Jesus
and what he does in and through us.
We can partner God
and press into the future he has for us,
no matter what it looks like,
what adversity comes our way,
or what obstacles we face.

As children of God,
filled with the Holy Spirit,
let us stand firm
on the promises he has given us.

He has created us
and calls us to live life
abundantly in him.