Unused power

Friday Reflection

16th October 2020

'becoming like the One who created you'

10 You have begun to live the new life,
   in which you are being made new
   in the true knowledge of God
   and are becoming
   like the One who created you.

Colossians 3:10

Max Lucado,
the Christian writer and evangelist,
tells the story of a lady
who had a small house
on the seashore of Ireland,
at the turn of the twentieth century.

She was quite wealthy
but also known to be quite frugal.
Her neighbours were surprised then,
when she decided to be one of the first
in the area to have electricity
installed in her home.

Several weeks after the installation,
a meter reader appeared at her door.
He asked her if the electricity was working well.
She assured him it was.
'I am wondering if you can
explain something to me,'
he asked.
'Your meter shows scarcely a usage.
Are you using your power?'

'Certainly, she answered.
'Each evening when the sun sets,
I turn on my lights just long enough
to light my candles,
then I turn them off again.'

She tapped into the power
but didn't make use of it.
Her house was connected but not altered.

Do we make the same mistake?

We too - with our souls saved
but our hearts unchanged -
are connected but not altered.

Trusting Jesus for salvation
but resisting change
we occasionally flip the switch,
but most of the time we settle for the shadows.

What would happen if we left the light on?

What would happen if we not only
flipped the switch
but lived in the light?
What changes would occur
if we started to live in the light of Jesus?

No doubt about it,
God has ambitious plans for us;
he not only saved our souls
but longs to remake our hearts.

In his letter to the Romans
Paul explains it like this:

29 For from the very beginning
   God decided that those who came to him -
   and all along he knew who would -
   should become like his Son,
   so that his Son would be the First,
   with many brothers.


God wants to change us
into the likeness of Jesus.

Shall we accept his offer?

Can we accept this offer?
Imagine what it means to be like Jesus.
Think about his unconditional love
for others, his compassion, endurance,
his intimacy with his Father.

How did he forgive?
When did he pray?
What made him so friendly?
Why didn't he give up?
How could he carry on
with all the persecution
and suffering heaped onto him?


'fix our eyes upon Jesus.'

(Hebrews 12:2)

Perhaps in seeing him
we will see what we can become.