Share -
and serve the Lord

Monday Reflection

19th October 2020

'for such sacrifices are pleasing to God'

'Do not neglect to do good
 and to share what you have,
 for such sacrifices are pleasing to God'

Hebrews 13:16

Volunteering at the homeless shelter,
in Northampton, and being in contact
with the food banks
has made me aware of just how many
people there are
in desperate need in our area.

It often puts me on a guilt trip
wondering why I've been so blessed;
so, although I'm not prepared
to give out cash handouts -
all the agencies advise against this -
I do try to offer a drink
and bar of chocolate
or biscuits to those
I see sitting outside
supermarkets or on the streets.

The thing about sharing with others
in a hospitable way
is that we can do it wherever we are.
We can have a welcoming demeanour
and open-hearted (and open-handed)
attitude anywhere -
at home or out shopping
(although with the Covid restrictions
hospitality in the home
is once more becoming more difficult).
It just takes a little life perspective
that can be found in today's key verse;

Do not neglect to do good
and to share what you have,
for such sacrifices are pleasing to God'

.... Hebrews 13:16

See those four little words
tucked right in the middle of this sentence;

'Share what you have.'

We may not feel that we have a lot,
especially when we compare our homes and food
to others in society.
But this verse gives no instructions
about preparing fancy foods,
it simply tells us
to share what we have,
even if it's only a biscuit or a coffee.

Do you work in an office
(if you're allowed in go in
instead of working from home!)
surrounded by co-workers in cubicles?
Can you take in a batch of muffins
or packet of biscuits
to lift the spirits of your colleagues?

Share what you have.

Are you a mum of young children
who'd love to escape to the park
for an afternoon?
Could you pack a picnic,
simple sandwiches
and cut up vegies to take along,
inviting a few other mothers
and their children to join you?

Share what you have.

Are you stuck at home,
feeling down, bored, lonely?
Pick up the phone and call someone
who could be in the same situation.
Time and a listening ear
are important things to share.

Share what you have.

All the believers were one in heart and mind.
No one claimed that any of their possessions
was their own,
but they shared everything they had.

...Acts 4:32

When we go through life willing to share
what God has given us,
we see from today's key verse
how it makes him feel.

'such sacrifices are pleasing to God'.

Although that's not why we do what we do -
we do it in gratitude for all
God has done for us, and given to us.

All around us there are people in need
of encouragement.
What can we do to lift their spirits?
It may mean speaking a kind word,
a bunch of flowers
or a prayer spoken in faith.
Whatever we possess -
materially or emotionally -
determine to be a person who regularly
and cheerfully share what they have.

Even small sacrifices -
of our time or resources -
please the Lord.

So, let's reach out this week
and willingly bless others
with a portion of the provisions
Jesus' has already lavished on us.