God on earth

Tuesday Reflection

20th October 2020

'the theophany of God as Jesus'

There are two kinds of people"
begins a standard quip,
"There are those who .... and those who ...."

But there really is only one important
division among human beings;
those who believe God came down to earth,
in human form, and lived amongst us 2,000 years ago,
and those who do not.

This division is for all eternity;
for those who believe the truth
of the Bible will live with God
for all eternity,
and those who do not, will not.

Here is a word for today

What on earth is that? I hear you ask.
'Theophany' means 'the appearance of God,
or a god, to humanity'.
There are many recounted examples in the Bible;

the three men who visit Abraham at Mamre

.... (Genesis 18:1-16)

the burning bush speaking to Moses

.... (Exodus 3)

Paul's Damascus experience

.... (Acts 9:1-19)

But there was one so important
that all the others dim in comparison;
the coming of God
to walk among us as a human being,
so that he might live and suffer,
and ultimately die,
just like one of us.

Take a moment to think about
just how extraordinary
the theophany of God as Jesus was.

We tend to take the event for granted,
as children, we learn the stories of his birth;
The journey to Bethlehem
(generally with the compulsory donkey!),
no room in the inn,
the manger, shepherds, angels,
wise men from the east following a star.

This is the starting point.
We learn of his life,
the healings,
the other miracles, the parables.

It's something we grow towards
and struggle with,
but that is accepted in our lives.
Our attitude towards the Christ
is like a child to their parents,
taking their existence for granted.

It's not until we are mature
that we consider how wonderful it was
that our parents produced us
and loved us so much;
we are not mature until we understand
that they did not have to give us
all the attention and effort
and time they spent on us.

So, let us take time to remember today,
that Jesus came to earth to suffer
and die for us, as a volunteer,
out of love.
Let us not take him for granted.
He is the greatest gift of all time,
a gift without equal.

'And no greater love
can any person have than this:
to give his life for those he loves.'

.... (John 15:13)

And since it's CHOOSEDAY;
Choose to smile,
choose to be happy,
choose to love,
choose to bless,
choose to be humble,
choose to be patient,
choose to be kind ...
and above all
Choose God to guide your life.