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Monday Reflection

26th October 2020

'endures through every circumstance'


7 Love never gives up,
   never loses faith,
   is always hopeful,
   and endures
   through every circumstance.

.... 1 Corinthians 13:7 NLT

Are you feeling in despair?
Perhaps you're in pain
which cannot be alleviated
or waiting for treatment which,
because of this Corona epidemic,
has been put off once again.

Do not despair, keep praying,
hoping and trusting in God;
things will happen.

I read of an amazing
inspirational story recently
which I would like to share with you.
It's about an eleven-year-old boy, Connor.

When he was three,
he started to suffer
from increasingly rigid muscles
and developed progressively
severe walking problems.
By the time he was five
he was in a wheelchair.

His mother, Cynthia,
took him to thirty-eight
different doctors;
yes - 38;
but after extensive tests,
none of them had any idea
what Connor was suffering from.

Some said there would probably
never be an answer.
Her reply?
'I could never settle for that,
I refused to accept that.'
She started researching on the internet,
every day, for hours on end,
for years,
she chased down innumerable dead ends and false leads
until she eventually
came across something called,
'Dopa Responsive Dystonia'.

There had, at that time,
been about 60 cases diagnosed
in the U.S.
She wrote to Dr Jacobs,
a very respected paediatric neurologist.

He said her letter shocked him;
he'd never heard of the disease.
He investigated and discovered
the disease disrupts
how the brain communicated
with the muscles of the body.

Connor's symptoms didn't even compare
with the disease profile all that well,
but Dr Jacobs agreed to try out
the medication for it,
just as a long shot.

And, as you might have guessed,
Connor began to improve.

In a week his legs began to move
and then, in his own words,
'I was sitting in a chair
in the kitchen one day and ...
I felt like I could stand,
I started,
holding on to the furniture,
and started to walk.'

Today he is playing sports
and completely free of his wheelchair.

Love does not give up
no matter what it faces,
no matter how high the mountain
in front of it,
no matter what anyone might say.

I hope, the next time
you are at a wedding,
listening to 1 Corinthians 13,
recited for the umpteenth time,
you will think about Cynthia
when you hear that love

'never gives up,
 never loses faith,
 is always hopeful,
 and endures through
 every circumstance.'

They are not just words.
This is God's message to us ....

and he is always right.