Share your gifts

Tuesday Reflection

27th October 2020

'to serve others'

10 Each of you should use whatever gift
   you have received to serve others,
   as faithful stewards of
   God's grace in its various forms.

.... 1 Peter 4:10. NIV

My granddaughter has always had 'green fingers';
even as a very little girl
she would spend hours out in the family garden
helping her grandmother.
She acquired an allotment last spring
and was very excited about it.
She was delighted to produce
a variety of salads
and veg to last her
and the family to the end of the year.

Speaking to her, a few weeks ago,
she was most despondent,
in spite of the hours
and care she had lavished on the plot,
the slugs got there first
and ate most of the crop;
the slugs were fat and happy - she was not.

The word must have got around that
Jenny's veg were the tastiest;
while Jenny's plot was decimated
as the plot next door flourished,
the vegetables there were large and plentiful -
she was not impressed, had she lost her touch?

God blesses and entrusts
each of us with influence,
talent, power and spiritual gifts
to glorify him
and build up his kingdom.

But sometimes we look around at our friends,
communities or neighbourhoods
and wonder why we got
the inferior giftings
while everyone else
around us seem to have so much.

We struggle with comparisons,
and this often leads to envy.
It's hard especially when
we see so many truly faithful
and inspiring people around us.

Then I realised that
God didn't give us these gifts
for ourselves;
he gives us these gifts for him!
Our gifts are given to us, by God,
in order to serve those around us.
My thinking totally shifted.

I began to see how well God
had blessed me
and I began to value my gifts,
thanking God for them -
no matter how they compare
to those of others.
St Paul wrote:

4 There are different kinds of gifts,
   but the same Spirit distributes them.
5 There are different kinds of service,
   but the same Lord.
6 There are different kinds of working,
   but in all of them and in everyone
   it is the same God at work.

.... 1 Cor. 12;4-6

God calls us to use all our gifts,
talents and influence to serve others.
Fight the lie that other's talents
are better than ours;
that God cannot use us
to further his kingdom.
Let's take an inventory of our lives
and prayerfully consider all the things
God has given us to care for:
own gifts, talents,
influence and resources.

We are meant to serve others with these;
all of them - those we are confident in
and those we may feel are not good enough.

10 For we are God's handiwork,
   created in Christ Jesus
   to do good works,
   which God prepared in advance
   for us to do.

.... Ephesians 2:10

God wants us to grow where we are planted,
work with what he's given us and,
in whatever way we can,
be of help to others
and bring glory to his name.