How important is
our faith?

Wednesday Reflection

28th October 2020

'faith is the key to our salvation'

20 I tell you the truth,
   if you have faith
   as small as a mustard seed,
   you can say to this mountain,
  "Move from here to there,"
   and it will move.
   Nothing will be impossible for you.'

.... Matthew 17:20

We read, time and time again,
in Paul's epistles,
faith is the key to our salvation.
The seed of our faith
is the most basic belief;
we believe that Jesus Christ
was the Son of God.

9 if you declare with your mouth,

  'Jesus is Lord,'

   and believe in your heart
   that God raised him from the dead,
   you will be saved.
10 For it is with your heart
   that you believe and are justified,
   and it is with your mouth
   that you profess
   your faith and are saved.

.... Romans 10:9-10 NIV

From this develops a great tree,
a fruit tree,
one that bears the fruit of the Spirit.
But we cannot simply plant
an apple seed and walk away,
hoping in ten years to return
and harvest a great crop of apples;
neither can we say,

'I believe in Jesus.'

and then return
to our secular lives unchanged,
hoping to reap the reward
of the kingdom of God.

The faith we have in our hearts,
our very beings,
affects every aspect of our lives,
a strong and pure faith
will produce results -
or 'fruit', as the Bible puts it.
And what does God do
with the vine that
does not produce fruit?

'He pulls it up and burns it'

.... (John 15:1-8)

Our lives reflect
the faith we truly have.

Is a life spent pursuing fame,
money, and putting oneself
ahead of others fruitful?
Are these the products
of a life in Christ?
Our lives demonstrate our faith
like a landscape demonstrates rainfall.

For a true faith
will produce a life filled
with fruits of the Spirit
as rain produces vegetation,
but a faithless life
will result in desert.

When we read through the Gospels,
we see how Jesus loved
and always responded
to people of faith.
He loved it when they placed
their full trust in him.

(Luke 19:1-10)

Jesus said our faith
could be compared to a mustard seed,
because it is so small
it can hardly be seen;
but as a seed,
its nature is to grow
if properly treated;
it will grow,
and grow, and grow
until it is literally
a million times larger.

But just as the seeds we plant
in the ground must be watered
and fertilized;
we must also water
and feed the seed of faith
planted within us.
Jesus is the water of life,
and our sunshine
is the biblical Word of God.

By worship,
prayer and obedience
to God, our faith
can grow into a mighty tree.

There are so many examples
of faith throughout the ages.
One I came across recently
was about Nicholas Ridley,
former Bishop of London.

In1555 he was burned at the stake,
in Oxford, because of his beliefs.
On the night before his execution,
Nicholas' brother offered
to stay with him in his prison room
to comfort him throughout the night.
Nicholas declined the offer
and said he was going to go to bed
and sleep as quietly
as ever he did in his life.

Because he knew the peace of God,
he could rest in the strength
of the everlasting arms of the Lord,
trusting him to meet all his needs.

Such faith in the Lord his God!

'Faith is like radar that sees through the fog --
the reality of things at a distance
that the human eye cannot see."

.... (Corrie Ten Boom)