Anxious prayers

Thursday Reflection

29th October 2020

'and save me by your power'

7 When I am surrounded by troubles,
   you keep me safe.
   You oppose my angry enemies
   and save me by your power.
8 You will do
   everything you have promised;
   Lord your love is eternal.
   Complete the work
   that you have begun.

.... Psalm 138:7-8 GNT

Corrie Ten Boon stated:

'Every day something else
 failed to make sense,
 something else grew too heavy.
 Will you carry this too,
 Lord Jesus?'

There are many times,
in a person's life,
when things just do not make sense.
Often, during those times,
the weight of that situation
grows too heavy to cope with.
Then, out of nowhere,
another weight is added.

We just want to hide,
go to bed and pull up the covers
over our heads and hibernate
until it all goes away.

I'm sure over the last few months
we've all felt like this,
I know I have;
and the reassurance we receive
from God's promises of peace,
joy and hope need to be
rekindled as they seem
to have disappeared.

Because God is a faithful God,
he will not leave us comfortless,
desolate or helpless.
He will not abandon us
in that deep dark pit.
In his perfect timing
he will reach out his hand
and touch us with just
the right message to strengthen us.

It may be through the love
of a family member,
or a surprise encouraging
phone call from a friend
or perhaps reassurance
will come in the form
of an unexpected letter.

Take these assurances
into your heart and embrace them,
they are like a light
shining in a dark place

Helena Steiner Rice wrote a poem called,
'Anxious Prayers',
A few lines are;

  'When we are deeply disturbed by a problem
   and our minds are filled with doubt
   And we struggle to find a solution
   but there seems to be no way out
   You have to believe in God's promises
   that he comes not too soon or too late
   For whether God answers promptly
   or delays in answering your prayer
   You must have faith to believe him
   and to know in your heart he'll be there.'

We cannot avoid difficult circumstances
in our lives that do not make sense.
But we do not have to make ourselves ill
trying to have it all figured out.
We can trust the Shepherd
to carry our burdens;
he will guide us and feed us.

We will be able to 'lie down
in green pastures,
and He will lead us beside still
(and restful) waters.'

So, let's come out from under the covers
because there's a sunny day waiting for us.
The Shepherd will wipe away
all those tears from our eyes
as he stands beside us
giving us his peace,
joy, hope and love.

Is anyone among you in trouble?
Let them pray.
Is anyone happy?
Let them sing songs of praise'.

.... James 5:13