Safe at home

Thursday Reflection

5th November 2020

'not STUCK at home'

Yesterday I went to 'Farmfoods' to get
the chicken for the dog
(yes, she's thoroughly spoilt,
but she is an old German shepherd
with a delicate digestive system)
and found the freezers almost empty -
it was as if a swarm of locusts
had descended on the place;
and my neighbour's son
came home from his shift at Sainsbury
and told her that
they had run out of toilet rolls!
This is for a four-week lock-down!

Wherever I go,
or turn on the television
or radio at the moment,
I'm hearing complaints
about the lock-down.

Children being deprived of
their sports
causing mental health issues;
people not being allowed
to see parents, grandparents,
not able to work
or go out and have fun.

Now while I do sympathise
with these feelings;
we would all like to see our families.

I long to see my daughter
and granddaughters
who live in Germany,
the last time I saw them
was September 2019,
normally I visit
two or three times a year.

However I do feel
we have to look at
the wider picture,
surely saving lives is more important.

Those who are older
may remember Terry Waite,
an English humanitarian
and author.
He was the Assistant for
Anglican Communion Affairs
for the then Archbishop of Canterbury,
Robert Runcie, in the 1980s,
and a successful hostage negotiator.

He knows all about
being isolated and in 'lock-down'.
Whilst negotiating the release of
some hostages he was taken hostage
by the Islamic Jihad Organisation
and spent well over 4 years
(1,763 days)
in appalling conditions.

During captivity,
Waite said he was
frequently blindfolded,
beaten and subjected to
mock executions.
He spent much of the time
chained to a radiator,
suffered from asthma
and was transported
in a giant refrigerator
as his captors moved him about.

He has just issued
a statement telling us
to stop complaining!
'Change your mindset,'
he said,

'you're not STUCK at home,
you're SAFE at home.

His advice:
¤ " Keep your own dignity -
     get out of your PJ's!
¤ " Form a structure for the day.
¤ " Be grateful for what you have -
     shelter, home,
     friends and family,
     (and the media which allows you
     to keep in contact
     with the outside world).
  ¤ " Read and be creative

While accepting
the inconvenience
of this lock-down,
let us remember
all those who have been -

imprisoned unfairly
with no release date;
as hostages,
for crimes they have
not committed,
for speaking out for freedom,
standing up against
dictatorships or for
pursuing their faith.

focus on your mind set.
'We are not STUCK at home;
we are SAFE at home.