Clear or foggy?

Friday Reflection

6th November 2020

'the window to the soul'

'Open my eyes
 that I may see wondrous things...'

.... Psalm 119:18a

A couple of months ago
I went to the opticians for a check-up.
It had been quite a while
since I'd last been,
so I was expecting
a change in my eyesight.
Especially as the surface layer
was coming of my existing glasses
and they were quite 'foggy'.

I was right,
my eyes were duly tested
and I needed stronger lenses.
Imagine my horror
when I picked up my new glasses
and found them worse than the old.
I was getting ghosting
(seeing double)!
I had to go back three times,
each time the prescription
was changed.

Finally, I've just picked up
my latest glasses
with which I can see clearly,
praise be.

A well-known metaphor is:
'The eyes are the window to the soul.'
Many people believe that it is
an expression that means
when you look into a person's eyes
it can give you a glance
into their soul.

In other words,
the eyes are an indication
of whether they are
happy, sad, loving etc.

Our vision is very important
because it allows us to connect
with our surroundings.
In the world that we live in,
our eyes see a variety of colours,
shapes, patterns.

We are able to notice
if something shines or sparkles.
For example, gems in the light
often reflect colourful rays.

Having spiritual vision
is another focus.
Spiritual vision is the capability
to discern the brilliant promises
and the wonderous things
in God's world,
and also see the world
from God's point of view.
We cannot have clear
spiritual vision without God's help.

In the gospel of Matthew,
Jesus spoke about spiritual eyes.
He stated:

22 "The eye is the lamp of the body.
    If your eyes are healthy,
    your whole body
    will be full of light.'

....Matthew (6:22)

When we look away from God,
we lose our vision
and everything becomes foggy.
George Mueller,
the German Christian evangelist,
    'Faith is the eye
    by which we look to Jesus.
    A dim-sighted eye
    is still an eye,
    a weeping eye is still an eye.
    Faith is vision plus valour.'

We need to turn to God
and ask him to focus our vision
so we will not stumble;
continue to stay alert
with our spiritual eyes wide open.

Look up to Jesus!
It is then that we are filled
with his light
and we will sparkle,
shine and reflect his colourful rays
into a dark world.

Roy Lessin,
the American Co-founder of
DaySpring Cards,
evangelist and youth minister said:
    'When the eyes of our faith
    are upon the Lord
    we can trust in Him
    to bring the light
    we need to take the next step,
    to give the wisdom
    we need to make
    the right decision,
    to give the strength
    we need to continue
    in our service,
    to give the courage we need
    to stand against the enemy
    and to bring the victory
    we need to overcome the world.'

May our prayer be that
the eyes of our hearts
will be opened so that
we may know the hope
to which Jesus has called us.