'Dust and Bone'

Thursday Reflection

12th November 2020

'More than...'

31 God saw all that he had made,
   and it was very good.
   And there was evening,
   and there was morning -
   the sixth day.

..... Genesis 1:31 NIV

'Remember who you are' -

this is the message of Genesis
chapters 1 and 2.
when your world is falling apart,
your heart is broken,
everything good is
slipping away from you
and you keeping asking,
'Is there any way
I can heal
and come back from
something like this?'

These first two chapters
of the Bible are God whispering to us:

'Remember who you are.
 Remember how I designed you.
 Remember all I have called you to be.'

God formed,
shaped and painted this world
and its creatures to being.
His goodness permeated it
with every thought and touch.
And when he had finished'

31 God saw all that he had made,
   and it was very good.

..... Genesis 1:31a

I love it that God declared
Adam and Eve to be exceedingly
and abundantly good,
even though the actual ingredients
he used to make them were seemingly
so humble and basic.
Dust and a broken off bone
don't seem like
the most promising beginnings.

Left on their own,
these ingredients would amount to
very little,
insignificant, unacceptable.
But used by God -
and then breathed on,
and touched by, God, they become
the only part of creation
made in the image of God.

They were 'nothing'
but turned into the most glorious
They were made to be a
reflection of the image of God;
they made an invisible God's image,

And we mustn't miss the significance
of Genesis 2:18
when God says he will make a
helper suitable of Adam.

The Hebrew word for
'suitable' is 'neged' meaning,
'what is in front of you,
in your sight.'

Eve, as well as being someone
to help by working in the garden
and bear children
was to be a reminder of who Adam was -
a human made in God's image;
a reflection of the glory
and goodness of God;
it's a reminder Eve
would have needed as well.

Together they were to fill
the earth with the glory of God.
Not just be fruitful
and multiply it with children,
but multiply
the evidence of God himself.

(Genesis 1:28).

This is what Adam and Eve
were called to,
and it's what we are all called to as well.
Every living person,
no matter what colour or creed.

The more we remind each other
of who we really are,
the more God's goodness
and glory will echo
throughout the earth.
We aren't just dust and bone;
We aren't what we've done
or what been done to us;
we aren't the worst of what
others have said about us.
We are the very breath
and touch of God.

Designed and loved by him
as a reflection of his
glory and goodness .

These are the truths
we need to remember about who we are.
We are so much more than
the sum total of our hurt
and pain and insecurities.

This is something we all
need to remember
not only in dark days, but every day.

'Remember who we are;
we are children of God;
loved so much that Jesus
went to the cross for us
to bring us back into a forgiven,
loving relationship with the Father.''