Monday Reflection

16th November 2020

'then share them with others'

"Each of you should use
 whatever gift you have received
 to serve others,
 as faithful stewards
 of God's grace
 in its various forms."

..... 1 Peter 4:10, NIV

Peter's first letter 4:10 above,
speaks about the gifts
we've been given.
From this verse it is clear
that all of us, not just some,
have received gifts from God.

But what is the purpose
of having a gift?
It is so that we can,
not keep it to ourselves,
but use it to help others.

We are not the intended beneficiary -
the people in our life are.
Our gift is a tool God
will use to help others,
to build them up
and help them find
their place in his kingdom.

We don't all have
identical gifts;
there is nothing same-y
about the ways we help.
We are stewards of the
'varied grace of God.'

The word 'varied'
in the original Greek language
is 'poikilos'; -
what a lovely word,
it rolls off the tongue.
It means many coloured,
diverse and manifold.

Just a moment,
what does 'manifold' mean?
Having lived in a house
of car mechanics
both amateur and professional,
(my son growing up
to be a mechanic
for much of his life,
and is now sharing
his expertise at college
with the younger generation,
while his father
was an enthusiastic amateur),
I know there is a
car part called a manifold.

Maybe it's definition
can help shed some light
on this concept.

A manifold is a
'system of pipes
that divides a flow
and carries it to
more than one place'.

What an accurate description
of what our gifts do
for the family of God!

When we accept that
we are not all the same,
we expand,
carrying the love of God
to more than one place,
increasing the impact
we have on the lives
of those around us.

God, in his infinite wisdom,
knows exactly what type
of people will be drawn to him
through the gifts,
abilities and resources
each one of us possesses.

Paul wrote,
in his first letter
to the Corinthians,

'There are different kinds of gifts,
 but the same spirit distributes them.'

.....(1 Cor.12:4)

Let us make it our aim
not only to discover but to embrace
and then use our unique talents
to touch the lives of others
and promote
God's kingdom here on earth.