of his flock'

Saturday Reflection

21st November 2020

'a heavy burden'

I will shepherd
the flock
with justice.

Ezekiel 34:16b

Tomorrow is the last Sunday
of the church's year
and we celebrate
Christ the King.

What do you think of
when you think of a king?
A crown, thrones,
royal palace,
processions, pomp,
majesty, ceremony?

For Christmas last year
I was given the Book

It is a fascinating book
which gives an insight into
the spiritual depth of our
amazing monarch
who has spent her life
in service to God,
and her country.

From the time her father
acceded to the throne
in 1936
she was brought up
and educated in the
knowledge that, one day,
she would become queen.

A heavy burden
for a 10 year old but,
under the guidance of her
Princess Alice
and an array of tutors,
she dedicated herself
to the task.

Six months before
her coronation
she gave her first
Christmas address.
In it she displayed
a strong faith,
knowledge of the
power of prayer
and commitment
to serve her country.

She said:

 'I want to ask you all,
  whatever your religion may be,
  to pray for me
  on that day
  (Coronation Day) -
  to pray that God may
  give me the wisdom
  and strength to carry out
  the solemn promises
  I shall be making,
  and that I may
  faithfully serve Him
  and you,
  all the days of my life.'

Her requests,
and the prayers of her subjects
and admirers
have been answered.

Her spiritual faith
has been the
lifeblood of her reign.

When thinking of this
type of kingship
it seems strange that
the readings for this
Sunday are all about sheep,
or is it?

One of our favourite
images in all of Scripture
is the Good Shepherd.

It is an image God
has chosen for Himself.
He wants us to see
Him as the Good Shepherd,
the one who will not
let us down,
that will not lose us,
that will not let us
hurt ourselves.

Sheep can be silly creatures,
if they are not penned in,
they tend to wander,
and sometimes
when they are penned,
they still find ways
to escape.

We too can be like
silly sheep,
wandering away from
the right path.

But God seeks us out,
guards us, heals us,
calms our fears
and even gave his life for us.

Not only is God
the good shepherd,
God places good shepherds
in our midst.

And it is people of faith,
like our Queen,
who model themselves
after the good shepherd
and become
good shepherds themselves.

Are we,
in our own small way,
good shepherds
to those around us?