'Christ the King'

Sunday Reflection

22nd November 2020

'Through the year'

Today we reach the end of our journey
through the church's year
from last Advent Sunday
to this
Feast of Christ the King.

Through the year
we've been hearing the
stories about Jesus
and his life among us.

Our journey has taken us
through many different landscapes.

There have been the
open plains
of day-to-day life
in ordinary times
when we've heard the
extra-ordinary stories
of what Jesus said;
how he healed the sick
and reached out to
the most unlikely
members of society.

There've been shadowy
valleys of temptation,
betrayal and death
on the cross.

Wilderness times
of despair and
devastating suffering.

There've been mountain
tops of breath-taking excitement:
resurrection, ascension
and the coming of the Holy Spirit.

For a while now
the scenery around us
has been that of the
Kingdom of God
and the imminent return of
Christ as King and Judge
and now we've reached this,
the highest peak on our journey.

From here we can look back
and see where we've travelled
and how all the paths
were always leading to
this place even if it didn't
always seem so at the time.
Hindsight is a wonderful thing!!

Next week we return
to the starting point
and begin the journey again.
Next week it'll be
Advent Sunday
and we'll begin again
to prepare the way of the Lord.

What a year it has been for us.

As we started out our journey
last Advent
who could have imagined
the chaos and trauma of 2020.

Coronavirus, face masks,
social distancing, furlough,
terms we would never
have come across
(except the latter
if you'd been inside a prison,
for whatever reason!)

The extra worry
over the health of family,
the lack of socialising
with family and friends,
loss of jobs
as businesses close;
the list could go on ... and on.

Next year, like this year,
we'll each be on our own journey.
We, too, will walk through plains
of ordinary day to day living,
through our own valleys of shadow
and up to our own high places
of good news, joy and excitement.

There will be times
in the journey when
we'll get lost or discouraged,
confused or stuck;
and those are the very times
when we'll need this vision of
Christ the King
to give purpose
and meaning to our journey
just as it gives purpose
and meaning to the
Church's journey of faith.

We can take heart
because Christ the King
is still Jesus,
the Son of Man
who walks with us
and reaches out to us
with hands which still bear
the marks of suffering.

Christ the King
has been with us
our journey this year.
Christ the King
will go with us
on our journey
through next year.

We can trust in him
to support, guide,
comfort and give us
the strength we will need
as we move on with
confidence into the coming year.