'In the light '

Saturday Reflection

12th December 2020

'the darkness has not overcome it'

4 In him was life,
  and that life
  was the light
  of all mankind.
5 The light shines
  in the darkness,
  and the darkness
  has not overcome it.

..... John 1:4,5

I have a small pocket calculator
which is powered by solar power.
It has a small solar cell
which converts light
falling on it into
electrical energy.

As long as there's
enough light to see by -
natural or artificial -
the calculator works.
Isn't technology wonderful!

A prominent theme in the Bible
is light and darkness.
We there is no light,
we cannot see,
and we trip over things
in our path;
but light will
illuminate our way.

However light does more
than illuminate;
a green plant goes yellow
and sickly in a dark room;
light is necessary for health.

It can also change chemistry;
photography used to be
based on this process.
Light goes through a lens
and changes the chemicals
on a piece of film
so that an image can
be created and kept.

Light is also a source of
energy and power,
as with the pocket calculator.

Through the solar cell,
if it is big enough,
people gain the electrical
power to run transmitters,
fridges, and other machines.

And our solar power panels,
on the roof,
make a big contribution
to our electricity bills.

When Jesus claims to be
'the light of the world'
(John 8:12)
we understand that he was
talking about enlightenment;
holding up the truth for us to see.

Helping us to understand
things better,
scattering the darkness
as we walk along the road.

But however much we learn,
there is always more to
discover about God's truth.

The 'light of the world',
Jesus is not only
an illumination but also
a source of energy,
the source of energy.

He was,
'with God in the beginning,
and through him
all things were made'
(John 1:2,3).

He is the power
of creation and the energy
that keeps the
whole universe spinning.

John says that,

'To all who received him
he gave the right to become
the children of God'


Some translators write:

'he gave the power to become.'

'So Jesus not only
shows us the way,
he gives the power
for us to walk in it also.

As Christians accept
this as a 'spiritual' truth,
but through technology
like a pocket calculator,
we can see that the natural
world backs it up.

Thought to ponder -
if light is shielded
from a device,
putting it in darkness -
it doesn't work,
it is useless!

Let's stay in the light of the Lord.