'Good news
 to the

Sunday Reflection

13th December 2020

'the Lord has anointed me'

The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord
is on me,
because the Lord has
anointed me to proclaim
good news to the poor.

..... Isaiah 61:1

Our Journey through Advent
continues and we now celebrate
the Third Sunday
with an uplifting reading
from the prophet Isaiah.

The exiles have returned to
Jerusalem and all should be well.

Gaudete Sunday offers us a
moment to rejoice;
the shortest day
is only a week away
and we are promised light.

We all like good news.
When we pass an impossible exam;
when we land our coveted first job;
when we discover a longed-for child
is on the way-
that is good news.

So, during this time of
Advent we prepare
our hearts for the
arrival of Jesus.

Have you ever thought about
why we should get ready?
What is the point of it all?

Well, in short,
Jesus' coming is good news.

Both of his comings
are good news:
his first coming and
his second coming.

Over two thousand years ago,
word of this good news
first broke.

It didn't come by a news flash
or a tweet.
Alerts weren't sent to phones
and there was no crowd forming.

The news came from some angels,
singing a chorus
in an open field
to some lowly shepherds.

A baby was born;
a baby who is the Saviour,
the Messiah,
the Lord himself;
that's awesome news.

Our key passage
from Isaiah 61 begins,
   "The Spirit of the
   Sovereign Lord is on me,
   because the Lord has
   anointed me to proclaim
   good news to the poor."
   (Isaiah 61:1)

This verse is the actual focus
of the message today.

It mentions proclaiming
the good news to the poor.
We are talking all about
the good news,
but what about the poor?

We live in one of the
most prosperous nations
in the world.

By global standards,
even our poor are rich,
but the poor that the
passage mentions is not
limited to those who are
financially lacking.

In fact,
the poor for this passage
is anyone who is miserable,
has problems or
is poor in circumstances
and spirit,
and who doesn't
have problems?

None of us is immune.
So, the good news for
the poor that is
proclaimed is for each
and every one of us.

And the good news is
that whatever horrible things
we are going through will end.

A new day will come:
a day without any problems
or pain or suffering
or shame,
a day without evil
and darkness,
and a day without anger,
fear and frustration.

The wounded will be healed;
heart wounds come from
broken relationships.
It is so easy for friendships
to fade away or shatter.

Busyness and time
can wear away the
relationships that we hold dear
and pride and the wrong words
can sever ties between even
the closest people.

But there is good news:
loneliness doesn't have
to last forever.

Our wounds can be healed
and those imprisoned
in any way
will be set free.

There is hope.
Good news has arrived
that will cause great joy
for all the people.

A Saviour has been born;
he is the Messiah,
the Lord.
He is a light
that shines in the darkness.

We don't have to live with
fear and despair anymore,
because light is here.

We don't have to gripped by doubt,
but can trust in the mighty one
who holds all creation in his hand.

Advent means that we don't have
to live in darkness anymore.

Our tears can become
songs of joy
and that is truly good news.