'Life is too short'

Monday Reflection

14th December 2020

'all our days are numbered'

Teach us how short
our life is,
so that we may
become wise.

.... Psalm 90:12 GNT

How do we spend our days?
Do we truly enjoy
and embrace the life
God has given us,
even if it hasn't turned out
the way we expected it to?

Or are we just caught up
in the business of living
so that we take for granted
the blessing of waking up
to another day?

Do we spend time
being unhappy because of
difficult circumstances
instead of living with joy?

In Psalm 90:12 the psalmist
reminds us that all our days
are numbered and none of us
knows how many we will have.

Another translation
of this verse says,

'teach us to use wisely
all the time we have.'

So we should all live
as if today is our last.
If we did this,
would we live differently
We might:

   ¤ Think more positively
   ¤ Forgive more swiftly
   ¤ Step out of our comfort zones
      and do the things Gog
      has been calling us to do
   ¤ Spend more time with loved ones
   ¤ Make more time for ourselves
      to have fun
   ¤ live happily and full of God's joy,
      no matter what each day holds.

As we live under the cloud
of this pandemic,
we have been made aware
that life is fragile.

It's important to remember
the importance of appreciating
every single moment God
has given us and live life,
with a happy heart,
instead of a heavy one.

What a shame we might waste
the only life we have
being grumpy all the time
because we allow our
disappointments and problems
to steal our joy.

Whether we are facing illness,
hardships, loss of loved ones,
relationship problems,
unemployment, disappointment,
crushed dreams;
we can still make the
intentional choice
to be thankful for the
life we have,
even if it looks different
from the life we hoped for.

We can still choose
to be happy in spite of
our circumstances.

I never cease to be amazed
when I see pictures of
the poor in Africa
who have so little,
yet are ever cheerful,
praising the Lord.
We are so blessed.

Time is precious;
during this Advent,
and every day,
let us to use the time
we have, in this life, wisely.

Let us commit to waking up
each day with the
joy of Christ in our heart

Wasting time being unhappy
about the way life turns out
is counterproductive.

God wants us to enjoy
the life we have.