with Jesus'

Tuesday Reflection

15th December 2020

'the little tax collector'

A man was there
by the name of Zacchaeus;
he was a chief tax collector
and was wealthy.
He wanted to see who Jesus was,
but being a short man
he could not,
because of the crowd.

..... Luke 19:2,3

The story of Zacchaeus,
the little tax collector
who met with Jesus,
is so well known.

I cannot count how many
times I've heard it;
and preached on it!

Yet listening to a reflection
that was based on it, yesterday,
I was pulled up short
by something that hadn't
struck me before.

Zacchaeus climbed the tree
so that he could 'See' Jesus.

He hadn't wanted to meet him,
or speak to him;
he just wanted to see him;
from a distance,
high up in a tree.

We don't really know why
he wanted to see him,
but he makes a great effort
to get a glimpse of a man
that he has probably
heard a lot about.

He may have even heard that
Jesus had a very close friend
and disciple named Matthew
(who used to be a tax collector also).

Zacchaeus climbed a tree because
he is short and the crowds are tall.
He was going to see this Jesus.
At this point,
choosing to see Jesus probably
didn't seem like a big deal
to Zacchaeus.

Nothing really changed
in his life.
Little did he know that
he was putting himself in
a position to actually meet
Jesus face-to-face.

I love the story of
Zacchaeus in the Bible.
I love the lessons in it.
The truth that if we want
God to change our lives,
He can, and will.

Zacchaeus knew what he was.
He knew what people
thought about him.
But did he want to commit?

Did he know he needed Jesus;
that he was missing
something in his life
and wanted to change?

Possibly not,
but he did know he needed
to take the first step,
to see Jesus.

So how does he
teach us to do that?

In the story today,
Zacchaeus chooses
to be with Jesus.

When was the last time we
chose to be with Jesus?
Was it just at our baptisms?
Do we choose
to be with Jesus every day?

Lesson 1:  Want to see Jesus,

no matter what it takes. (v. 3)

Lesson 2:  Put our pride aside.

It would have to be a
humbling experience
to be so small that
we have to climb
a tree to see. (v. 4)

Lesson 3:  Accept His invitation

and answer His call.
Jesus calls to us,
but few answer,
we have to be willing
to accept and answer. (v. 5)

Lesson 4:  Meet Him with excitement

and joy.
This is our Saviour!
Be excited about Him,
be excited about salvation! (v. 6)

Lesson 5:  Let Him find us

and change us.
He can. (v. 8, 10)

So there we have it,
five simple lessons from Zacchaeus.
They worked for him,
I'm sure they can work for us too.