Shining lights

Saturday Reflection

19th December 2020

'God never changes like
the shadows from those lights'

Everything good
comes from God.
Every perfect gift
is from him.
These good gifts
come down from the
Father who made the
lights in the sky.
But God never changes
like the shadows
from those lights.
He is always the same.
God decided to give us
life through the true
message he sent to us.
He wanted us to be
the most important of
all he created.

....James 1:17-18

'Two hundred and fifty
strands of lights,
one hundred individual
bulbs per strand,
for a grand total of
twenty-five thousand
imported Italian
twinkle lights.'

Clark Griswold proudly
proclaims in the
National Lampoon's
Christmas Vacation film.

Eyes wide with expectation
he stands,
hand paused over
the plug-in;
a drum roll from
the family,
the plug-in is activated....
and Clark's excitement
evaporates as
nothing happens.

A total disappointment
as the surroundings
remain in darkness.

The film is funny because
we can relate to it.
We go out into life
with expectation that
our plans will succeed,
but so many times our
hopes and dreams
are dashed.

Christmas tends to be a
season where we usually
are a little less
impressed than
we had hoped.

Maybe the gift we gave
was not exactly right,
or the gift we received
was not what
we had hoped for.

The younger children
play with their toys
for about five minutes,
then become disinterested
and spend the rest
of the day
playing with the boxes.

We burnt the turkey,
or it was undercooked,
or the cake fell.

We did not get that
longed for telephone call
from a loved one.
We were lonely and
a little sad.

We build up those
grandiose ideas
in our minds,
only to feel a
little rejected
by the outcome.

One thing we can
count on being perfect
is the gift God gave us.

He is the creator
of the lights in the sky,
and he gave us the light
of the world, Jesus.

The birth, life, death
and resurrection
of Jesus was a gift
which does not disappoint.

He can bring us redemption
and everlasting life:
the story never changes.
His light has no shadows,
never fades and
never ceases to shine.

God showed us through
this gift that we are
the most important
of all he created.

When Clark plugged in
that extension lead,
nothing happened because
the source of the
electricity had not
been turned on.

When we plug in to God,
through the conductor
of light, Jesus,
we become a conductor
of his power and might.

We too will be an
illumination of him.

When we leave this world
and step into the next,
we can do it with
great expectation,
as our limited minds
cannot possibly envisage
the amazing glory of it all.

There will be no need for
twenty-five thousand
imported Italian
twinkling lights,
because the light
f the world will
shine for all to see.