God's Love -
the Gift that
keeps on giving

Wednesday Reflection

23rd December 2020

'and know that all is well'

5 Then, when that happens,
  we are able to hold
  our heads high
  no matter what happens
  and know that all is well,
  for we know how dearly
  God loves us,
  and we feel this warm love
  everywhere within us
  because God has given us
  the Holy Spirit
  to fill our hearts
  with his love.

....Romans 5:5 (LB)

Christmas is the time of year
when we express our love to our
family and friends by
the giving of presents.

So that people will not get
overwhelmed by a great deal
of shopping for just
the right gift,
a lot of money goes into the
advertising of gift cards,
and if we do have trouble
finding exactly
the right thing,
they are a useful

I confess this year
I am giving them
to the teenagers.

One Christmas present
that is not a gift card,
or a gift that has
to be returned,
but keeps on giving from
year to year is the
singing of familiar
Christmas carols.

For some it is the nearest
to the Biblical story
of the birth of Jesus
they will get.

One carol that expresses
the hope pf peace on earth,
and God's eternal love
reunited with us is
Charles Wesley's

'Hark, the herald angels sing',

written in 1793.
The first few lines are:

Hark, the herald angels sing,
Glory to the new-born King!
Peace on earth, and mercy mild,
God and sinners reconciled.'

What does God's love
and Christmas mean to us?

Helen Steiner Price
wrote a poem entitled,
'What is Christmas?'
A few lines form the poem are;

'Is it just a day
at the end of the year?
A season for presents -
both taking and giving?
A time to indulge in the
pleasure of living?
Have we closed our eyes
to God and his love?'

We do not have difficulty
in understanding the love
a person has for their
husband or wife;
or the love for
family and friends.

However, it is very difficult
for many to understand
God's love.

In Ephesians Paul
prayed for all followers:

May your roots go down
deep into the soil of God's
marvellous love and may you be
able to feel and understand,
as all God's children should,
how long, how wide, how deep,
and how high his love really is;
and to experience this love
for yourselves,
though it is so great
that you will never see
the end of it or
fully know or
understand it.
And so at last you will
be filled up with
God himself.


That type of love is our
gift from God.
It is a totally
forgiving love,
from our eternal God,
who keeps on giving it to us.

Do you have a
Christmas gift list?
Have you checked it twice?
Is the name God at the
top of the list?

Have we given any thought
to what we could give
to God this Christmas?

My suggestion would be;
'Love is enough ...
When there's nothing left
to give the Lord
then we have to look
at what we have.

As in the song
'In the Bleak Mid-Winter'

"What can I give him
poor as I am?
If I were a shepherd,
I would bring a lamb.
If I were a Wise Man,
I would do my part.
Yet what can I give him?
Give my heart.'

This Christmas season
let's try to make an
earnest effort to experience
the true meaning of Christmas.

Our hearts will once again
be reconciled with God,
and in his mercy,
we will feel his
peace and endless love.