'Twas the
   week before


Friday Reflection


25th December 2020


'call him Immanuel'

23 The virgin will conceive
   and give birth to a son,
   and they will call him
   (which means "God with us")

.... Matthew 1:23

I came across this poem
by Jenny Calvert,
American writer and evangelist,
which I would like
to share with you.
I hope I'm not
breaking copyright
but it is too good
not to share.

'Twas the week before Christmas
and all through my house
Everyone's scurrying,
including my mouse.
Clicking on gadgets,
electronics and toys.
Thinking these options
might bring someone joy.
Hoping the presents,
with shipping that's free,
Would arrive just in time
to stick under the tree.
People in vehicles
drive with less care,
To go to the store is not
something I dare.
So onto my laptop I go
with a plan
To check off my gift list,
all that I can.
Now Billy and Bobby,
Tommy and Dan
And Sarah and shelly,
Rebecca and Jan
I look on my list that's
attached to the wall,
Check them off.
Check them off.
Check them off all!

And then in the background,
I heard a sweet sound
Words of some music that
left me spellbound.
The story was told of
one silent night
Of angels and shepherds
and a star that was bright.
It spoke of a virgin,
Mary her name,
A child in her womb
from the spirit he came.
The one who would bring
salvation to all
Was born on that night
in a stable; cow stall.
A meagre beginning
for one who was king
The reason for Christmas
the gift that he brings.

Forgiveness for sin
to a life that is new
Because of this message,
I knew what to do.
I got off my laptop
and went to the floor,
On knees before God,
my heart opened its door.
I want this Jesus
to live in my heart
Forgive me my sins,
give me a fresh start.
Frozen heart that was hard,
now melted like ice
A newness of spirit bought
in me with the price,
By the blood that was shed
by this baby boy
As a man, yet God,
Good tiding, great joy!

'Tis the week before Christmas,
I'll never forget
A decision I made,
one I'll never regret,
That Jesus would be my
Saviour and King.
So now I will spread this
message he brings;
Of love and forgiveness,
of comfort and peace
Of life everlasting,
sin's shackles released.
So along with my presents
I'd bought from online
My message of Jesus,
a gift for all time.
Come to the one who brings
life that is new,
A gift that is meant
especially for you.
Healing, cleansing,
the truth and the way,
Merry Christmas to all,
and to all a good day!