God wants us


Wednesday Reflection


30th December 2020


'wishing they were somewhere else?'

16 Rejoice always,
17 pray continually,
18 Give thanks in all circumstances;
   for this is God's will
   for you in Christ Jesus.'

.... 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

During the days of the Belin Wall
an East German Christian leader
described the life he and his
follow believers led
in what he called
'Churches in Socialism'.

He said they spent the
early days wishing they
were somewhere else,
that conditions
could be different.

Then they gradually realised,
and came to accept that
they were where God
had put them and this was where
he wanted them to be.

Their job was to live
and witness to his love
and salvation right
where they were.
What great and
encouraging words.

When the going gets tough,
we all want to change things.
Many of us are free
to make changes;
we can change where we live,
the work we do,
even our friends.

We can move onto other things;
perhaps we do it too often.
Sometimes it's the Lord's will.

Billy Graham once said,

'We carry our conscience
around in a wheelbarrow,
pushing it in the
direction we want it to go.'

"For I know the plans
 I have for you,"

declares the LORD,

"plans to prosper you
 and not to harm you,
 plans to give you
 hope and a future".

....Jeremiah 29:11

During this time of the
Covid 19 pandemic,
which seems to be spiralling
out of control once more,
we may feel we would
like to escape.

And as the weather has become
much colder,
the vision of a secluded,
peaceful Caribbean island,
with golden sands,
warm sun, blue waters
and very few people.
Does seem very appealing.

But if that is where
God wanted me,
I'd be there
so there's no use in
wishing for it and
grumbling that I'm
where I am instead.

If we're grumbling,
we're not trusting.
If we're not trusting,
we're not thankful.

If we develop a habit
of trusting God,
especially in trials,
then we will thank Him
both for His great
salvation and for the
opportunity to see Him
work in our time of need.

Thirteen years before
his conversion, John Wesley
had a conversation, one night,
with a porter of his college
that impressed Wesley
that there was more to
Christianity than he had found.

The porter had only one coat.
He had eaten no food that day
and yet his heart was full
of gratitude to God.

Wesley said to him,
"You thank God when you
have nothing to wear,
nothing to eat,
and no bed to lie upon?
What else do you thank him for?"

"I thank him,"
answered the porter,
"that He has given me
my life and being,
and a heart to love Him,
and a desire to serve Him."
(A. Skevington Wood,
The Inextinguishable Blaze)

People tend to be happy
when happenings are favourable.
They tend to pray only
in difficult times
and tend to give thanks
when they perceive
blessing occurring.

God's will for each of us
shown here in
1 Thessalonians is that we are
to rejoice always,
to be joyful even in the face
of difficult circumstances.

We are always to pray,
to keep in close
communication with God,
regardless of the

We show true faith,
and trust in the one
who brings all things
together for good,
in being thankful
in all circumstances.

"Rejoice always;
  pray without ceasing;
  in everything give thanks."

Even though we'll never
obey these commands perfectly,
we should be working at
making progress, because,
"this is God's will
for you in Christ Jesus."