The Potter's Hand


Monday Reflection


4th January 2021


'the work of your hand'

But now, O Lord,
you are our Father;
we are the clay,
and you are our potter;
we are all the
work of your hand.

....Isaiah 64:8

Another beautiful poem to meditate on.

Scarred by the wheel
he continued to make
A vessel of glory
that would not break.

So round and round
he made it go
Because he wanted
his vessel to grow.
It was finally finished
with form and décor;
The potter knew
it needed no more.

He lifted it up
with great delight,
This beautiful vessel
of heavenly light.

But something so sad
it can barely be written
The vessel fell down,
it was cracked and smitten;
The glory was gone,
the beauty erased,
While tears fell down
The Potters face.

But he did not throw
the pieces away;
He determined that they
were his to stay.
So he picked up the pieces
and made it anew
Until the glorious light
shone through.

He placed it on
a special shelf
With the other vessels of
value and wealth;
And although this vessel
was not the same,
The Potter still gave it
a special name.

Called love and mercy,
redemption and power,
Reserved for the Potter's most
beautiful flowers.

..From 'On Eagles Wings'
by Sienna Elizabeth Raimonde