Tuesday Reflection


5th January 2021


'the whole scope of God's work'

11 Yet God has made everything
   beautiful for its own time.
   He has planted eternity
   in the human heart,
   but even so,
   people cannot see the whole
   scope of God's work
   from beginning to end.

.....Ecclesiastes 3:11 NLT

How often in the past year
have you prayed for something
to happen to no avail?

If you're anything like me,
our lives have been full of
candid conversations with
God about unfulfilled promises
and unanswered prayers.

And as we sit with our
hopes and hurts today,
we have a feeling of annoyance;
it's easy to feel upset
in the midst of delay.

But when God's timing
doesn't match our longing,
we need to focus on what we know
rather than what we feel.

To paraphrase King Solomon's
writings in Ecclesiastes 3:11
God has given us a desire
to know the future,
he does everything
just right and on time,
but people can never
completely understand
what he is doing.

This verse emphasises God's
unchanging truth and
reminds us that when things
we are hoping and praying for
don't happen when we want
or expect,
it isn't a sign of
God's indifference,
but an expression of his wisdom.

We will never understand
the complexities of God's
eternal plan while we are
bound to this earth.

But we can place our hope
and trust in God's integrity
even when we cannot understand
what he is doing, or why.

When our hope is focussed on
God's trustworthiness
instead of his timing,
it changes our attitude
while we are waiting.

We can recall his faithfulness
instead of questioning
his fairness.
As the Psalmist put it;

11 But then I recall
   all you have done, O Lord,
   I remember your wonderful
   deeds of long ago.'

.... Psalm 77:11

We can respect his wisdom
instead of disputing his ways.
;But best of all
when we place our faith on
the trustworthiness of
God's character,
we can discover
unexpected gifts in the
frustrations of waiting.

The same God,
who is orchestrating plans
too marvellous for our
minds to grasp,
is within our reach right now.

His ways may be higher
than our ways,
higher than the heavens,
but his presence is as near as
our next breath.

He is with us in the
waiting and anticipating.
He comforts us with his Spirit
and strengthens us with his love;
even when it hurts -
especially when it hurts!

It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
'In His time', link shown below.

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